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Lighting the Fourth Advent Candle

Embracing the Inner Light This Christmas: A Message of Gratitude and Awakening

As the fire of the fourth advent candle burns deeply and brightly on Christmas Eve, we are reminded of the profound journey that lies ahead. On this Holy Night, we gather to honor not just a historical event, but a spiritual awakening. The birth of Christ, symbolized by the divine light incarnating in a humble manger, is a symbol of the descent of royal light into the shadows of our world, illuminating the path of inner transformation.

This holy birth represents far more than a physical event; it symbolizes our awakening to our true selves and the luminous origin from which we emerged. It is a call to rouse from the slumber of forgetfulness, to embrace the magic and wonder that dwells in the heart of the darkest winter, shining brightly wherever there are souls prepared to receive it.

The vessel awaiting this celestial light is a pure heart, just as the heart of Holy Mother of Compassion and Mercy. In such a heart, the light of Christ is born anew – an eternal virgin birth, untouched and untainted, its love forever pure and sanctifying. It is the mystic rose of love in our hearts, the immaculate vessel birthing the Christ child within us.

As we gather in this time of holy reverence, I extend my gratitude to each of you for your presence and light in our community. May this Christmas not only be a celebration but also a profound inner awakening for you and your loved ones.

May the Christ-Sun rise within us, illuminating our path with clarity, joy, and peace.

Wishing you a blessed Mystical Christmas.

Below you may watch the lighting of the fourth Advent Candle.


Ana Otero

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Thank you so much, Dear Ana. AHAVA

Me gusta

Thank you so much, dear Ana. AHAVA

Me gusta
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