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Sarah Tamar: The Dragon Energies

Beloved Ones,

The Dragon Energies of the Earth are waiting to be awakened by your voices. Your voices, when infused with the sound of the cosmos, become powerful tools of activating Light and truth on your planet.

To tune into these dragon energies, allow your voices to resonate with the frequencies of the universe. Sing, chant, speak with intention and love, letting the vibrations permeate your entire being. As you do this, your bodies become conduits for the divine sound, merging the heavenly with the earthly.

Commune with nature, for in this sacred communion, your bodies become vessels of connection. Spend time in the embrace of Gaia, merging yourself with her Earth and the Air. Through this connection, the light from the Garden of Eden can pour generously over your planet, activating a profound energy of healing.

This divine light will infuse the air you breathe, the plants and flowers that surround you, and the very essence of your being. It will bring forth a healing nourishment that transcends the physical, touching your bodies, souls, and the entirety of your incarnation. As you align with these energies, you will experience a deep sense of renewal and an awakening of Light Frequencies.

You  are not separate from nature; you are an integral part of this beautiful web of life. By becoming vessels of connection, you facilitate the flow of divine light and love, creating a harmonious and healing environment for all beings.

Let your voices be the bridge between the heavens and the earth, the channel through which divine energy flows. In this sacred practice, you will  receive and become healing for yourselves, humanity, and  the entire planet.

Sarah Tamar

Channeled by Ana Otero

The dragon energies are ancient, powerful forces that reside deep within the Earth. They are the custodians of Gaia’s vital life force, the keepers of her mysteries and the guardians of her sacred sites. These energies embody the primal essence of creation, a blend of both celestial and terrestrial powers, manifesting as dynamic frequencies and spiritual currents that flow through the planet.

Dragon energies are concentrated at certain points on the Earth, often at sacred sites and ley lines. These places are where the veil between the physical and spiritual worlds is thin, allowing for greater connection and communion with the divine and subtle energies of creation.

These energies protect and maintain the balance and sanctity of these sacred spaces, ensuring that they remain powerful sources of spiritual nourishment.

Engaging with dragon energies can catalyze significant personal and planetary transformation. They awaken dormant potentials within us, awakening the depths of your soul,s and bring to light that which has been hidden or forgotten.

The Earth contains all of the 22 Aramaic - Hebrew Letters. When Dragon Energies are received and awakened, these forces of creation become extremely active and they shine their light on dark energies and entities, bringing balance and a pure love to the planet.

Let us be vessels to bring more light from the Garden of Eden, the Light of Creation, to the planet.


Image from the Sarah Tamar Codes of Infinity. Find out more about these codes by CLICKING HERE.

If Sarah Tamar is calling you, you can read more about the Sarah Tamar Blue Rose Healing Training. CLIC HERE

Sending love to all. Have a beautiful day.


Ana Otero

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