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Shabbat Blessings

Blessings on this Shabbat Day and Happy Venus Day!

Shabbat has been honored even before the time of the Hebrews. Shabbat can be translated in many ways and some of the translations are Womb and Moon.

The spiritual nature of this Holy Day has a transcendental quality. The Shabbat, referred to as “the Beloved,” “the Queen” and “the Bride,” is a day on which the fundamental nature and essence of Creation take a completely different form. All of Creation, from the lowest levels of physical reality to the highest spiritual beings, return to their Source—the Source of good, the Source of Light. This is the day to be reunited with source and to be penetrated by the love of Alaha (Source).

Shabbat is Feminine in her essence, as it is all about receiving and remembering (re-member), in contrast to the giving nature of the previous six days of the week. Just as a woman receives the seed first, and then the seed forms and develops, all of us have the opportunity to receive Divine Seeds. On a Spiritual Level, this Holy Day that is Feminine in her essence is the day that the Divine flow of the Holy Spirit, the Divine Feminine presence, the emanation of ALAHA (Divine - Mother Father) is avilable to all. As we know that Shabbat days are also Venus Days, the Light of Creation is accessible and we are endowed with such a high frequency of abundace, creativity, beauty, divine union and freedom.

Have a Blessed Day. The next online Magdalene Shabbat is on October 21st.

Shabbat Prayer Experience:

The Dance of the I am Presence.

Creating with Creation.

The longing fulfilled surrendering in the infinity of one heart beat.

United in the Eternal Melting in the fulfilled desire.

Emptied by the Fullness of Silence.



Ana Otero

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