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Ahava and Blessings 

Welcome to the Desert Rose Mystery School Live In Person Retreats.


Magdalene Avalon Retreat

Teachings of the Desert Rose

Mantle of the Magdalene and the Rhythmic Light Creation

April 14, 15, 16

The Light has an eternal Desire to Share its blessings, but there must be a Vessel to receive this gift. The Light we receive is exactly equal to our Desire to Receive it. The Light does not give us any less, nor any more, than we desire.

Ana Otero

“They carried the ark of God on a new cart,...David and all the house of Israel were dancing before the Lord with all their might, with songs ...and tambourines....”

— 2 Samuel 6: 3-5 

“Then Jephthah came to his home...and there was his daughter coming out to meet him with timbrels and dancing.”

— Judges 11: 34 

Welcome to the Magdalene Avalon Retreat. Once again we will gather in Avalon - Glastonbury to honor the Teachings of the Desert Rose. 

Our Experience in this Retreat:

Friday  we meet at 16,30

Magdalene Shabbat at the Magdalene Chapel. Yesodic Consciousness Awakening and Teachings from Mary Magdalene´s Ministry. Honoring Mary Magdalene as the embodiment of the Shekhinah: Queen of Shabbat

Aramaic Chanting Devotional Prayer

Alaha Shela through the Wedding Feast

Invocations to Embody the Divine Feminine Presence

Grounding of Sarah Tamar and Yeshua David in the Avalonian Matrix


Saturday 10,00 - 18,00 Mantle of the Bride

The Lineage of Light: From Sarai the Matriarch to Sarai daughter of Yeshua and Mary Magdalene

Mary Magdalene Teachings on Nashak: The Divine Kiss

Alaha Shela Practice and Essene Meditation to receive the Nashak

Mantle of the Bride Activation Ceremony with specific Aramaic Prayers

Black Madonna Drumming Ritual with the Magdalene Dragon Womb Rites

Magdalene Rose Healing with Desert Rose Mystery School Staff: Eloise Bennet

Sunday: The Desert Rose Bee 10,00 - 18,00

Desert Rose Bee Ceremony to honor and invoke the Hathor - Venus Frequency through Myriam the Prophetess. We will learn and Practice a Ceremonial Biblical Venus Sacred Dance to anchor the Desert Rose Bee frequency in the Avalonian Matrix.

Specific Drum Rhythms for the 7 Magdalene Hathors. We will be performing these Rhythms in nature in a beautiful Garden around a Grandmother Tree.

Aramaic Shamanic Moon Blessing

Womb of Light Meditation at the Chalice Well to anchor the Light of Kallah Messhia Mary Magdalene and Yeshua Messiah in the Avalonian Matrix


All retreats include Alaha Shela Practices (Drumming, Chanting in Aramaic, Light Language, Sophianic Kabbalistic Meditations, Sufi Whirling, DMT Ritual Movement®, Magdalene Meditations, Magdalene Womb Yoga, etc.)

This Retreat in April of 2023 has been carefully curated and I will be facilitating the following transmissions that can only be transmitted physically, in In Person Retreats: The Mantle of the Bride and the Aramaic Shamanic Moon Blessings.

Price of the Retreat: 444 euros


This Price includes all of the workshops, Certificate of Participation, tea, coffee, entrance to the Chalice well, an access to Online Platform where the practices and ebooks are uploaded for continuation after the retreat  and any related material.

Before the Start of the Retreat I will share a video with a Myrraphore teaching of the Oil Blend we will be using so that we can activate this oil together.

The retreat is in a beautiful venue right on top of the Michael and Mary Lines. 

This is a Non - Residential Retreat. Housing and travel is organized by each participant (For those of you travelling from abroad). Once you sign up you will have access to the Telegram Group. This is wonderful for sorting out accommodation, travel, etc. There are many beautiful places to stay in in Glastonbury and I will facilitate a PDF with beautiful places for accommodation.

This retreat welcomes people from all over the world. This Retreat is for Women and Men who want to embody the Divine Feminine Presence and dive deep into the teachings of the Desert Rose, Light Creation, awaken within the Magdalene Consciousness, Practices of Alaha Shela, the Path of Prayer through Creativity, Devotion, Faith and Ritual.


Once you have signed up I will include you in a telegram group and an online platform.  As we get closer to the retreat you will receive a PDF with the timetable and what you need to bring with you. There will also be a 40 day meditation practice prior to the start date of the retreat.

If you have any questions please email me at

Payment Options:

There are three Different Payment options and you can choose the one that is easiest for you.


If you pay through paypal please add 10 euros for paypal fee.


IBAN  LT07 3250 0548 8916 4321



IBAN  BE90 9674 5660 5032



For those of you who feel the calling something magical happens in these gatherings where we honor the Kallah Messiah and Yeshua Messiah.

The prophecy is unfolding through us as we learn how to embody the Shekhinah through Mary Magdalene.








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