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Through the Teachings of the the Christ lineage and the great Mystics and Teachers of the Desert,  my sacred intention is to awaken your remembrance of creation, guiding you back to your roots, illuminating the path towards your true self. By employing a holistic approach, I integrate ancient mystery teachings of the Desert Rose with sacred embodiment technologies and sacred voice awakening to create a harmonious symphony of self-realization and spiritual empowerment. Enter the embrace of Alaha, the divine source from which all creation springs forth, and uncover the boundless well of your true essence and divine gifts. By traversing this path of Mystical Awakening, you will gradually unveil the hidden layers of your spiritual potential, unveiling the radiant brilliance that has always resided within you. Join me on this path of Mystical Awakening, unmask your inner spiritual potential, and embrace the profound wisdom and power that's always been within you. 


Ana Otero

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The Desert Rose Mystery School

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Complimentary Course
Who is Mary Magdalene?
Magdalene Consciousness
Black Madonna
Alaha Shela Embodiment


Online Training


Mary Magdalene Desert Rose Priestess and Priest Training

Click here to read more about the Mary Magdalene Priestess and Priest Training. The next training starts in 2023.

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Mary Magdalene Priestess and Priest Training

As it has been prophesied, the Feminine Christ already walks among us. And her presence unfolds the mystical petals of the sacred rose. 

Ana Otero

Teachings from Mary Magdalene and the Christ Lineage.


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"Gaia's intelligence is right here, beating in our hearts right now. Nothing is more essential to our individual fulfillment and our common future than realigning ourselves at the root of this intimacy with our Mother, Men and Women, deeply honoring and guarding her infinite source of guidance, resilience and nutrition "

Ana Otero

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