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May you become a genius of your own life and may every day be the most definitive creative act of living, being and loving.
Ana Otero

We are all creative in one way or another, but Creativity as a catalyst for a powerful change in our life is something we must train in.

The word "creativity" comes from the Latin word creare, which means "to create", therefore, by definition, creativity is the ability to transcend the conventional and existing concepts, patterns, relationships, in order to bring something new in the tangible form or in the form of ideas. Creativity is the act of creating something new for yourself or for society.

The Path of the Divine Feminine or sometimes called a Feminine Based Spirituality is a path that embraces the sacred energies of both the masculine and the feminine, coming to live in a Sacred Union that is essential for the manifestation of our Creative Potential.

That mystical and initiatory encounter with our own creative potential is one of the highest forms of tantra as we go beyond all of our limiting beliefs and RE - MEMBER that which has been separated.

Creativity is a Spiritual practice and the Channel of Mary Magdalene is a Channel of Creativity.


Ana Otero

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"Gaia's intelligence is right here, beating in our hearts right now. Nothing is more essential to our individual fulfillment and our common future than realigning ourselves at the root of this intimacy with our Mother, Men and Women, deeply honoring and guarding her infinite source of guidance, resilience and nutrition "
Ana Otero
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