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The Aramaic Magdalene Rosary

Welcome to the Desert Rose Mystery School's Aramaic Magdalene Rosary Practice


At the Desert Rose Mystery School, we have crafted a unique spiritual practice – the Aramaic Magdalene Rosary. This practice, rooted in Aramaic devotion, is designed to awaken and fortify our Light Bodies, fostering a state of divine grace and peace in unity with the Divine Feminine Presence.

Alongside this, we also introduce a special Movement Meditation linked with the Magdalene Rosary, combining the rhythmic beauty of motion with the profound spirituality of prayer.

Prayer is the lifeblood of spiritual intimacy, cultivating a heart-to-heart relationship with the Divine, enabling the flowering of faithfulness and fruitful connection. As we engage in the Rosary practice, our bodies, energy, and emotions enter a transformative alchemical process. Our hearts open, our bodies find healing, our nature turns softer, more compassionate, and a deep sense of gratitude begins to bloom within us.

Every month, on the 22nd, we hold a prayer circle featuring the Aramaic Magdalene Rosary. These gatherings are open to all, free of charge. We only ask for an exchange of respect towards the teachings and fellow participants, nurturing an environment of mutual growth and shared reverence.

Interested in delving deeper into the Movement Meditation associated with the Aramaic Magdalene Rosary? You're invited to register for our online course


Join us in our Aramaic Magdalene Rosary Collective


We meet on the 22nd of each month to pray and embody the Aramaic Magdalene Rosary.

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