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Magdalene Shabbat

Welcome, blessed souls, to this Magdalene Shabbat. We are united here, under the loving gaze of the Alaha, in celebration and reverence of the Sacred.


Just as the sun sets and invites the sacred tranquillity of the night, we enter the embrace of Shabbat, a time of rest, reflection, Divine Union and rejuvenation. This gathering echoes the traditions of our ancestors, and yet, it carries a unique resonance, mirroring the grace and strength of Mary Magdalene as Queen of Shabbat.

In this Sacred Gathering we honor the teachings of Yeshua and Mary Magdalene, whose profound wisdom flows like a river through the landscape of our spiritual journey. We celebrate the divine feminine and masculine, the dual forces that coalesce within each of us, creating a harmonious balance within and around us.

We honor and acknowledge the Shekhinah, the Divine Presence, who fills our world and hearts with eternal love and compassion. As we recite prayers, chant, drum, dance and rejoice in Community, we recognize the divine in us and among us.

In the spirit of this sacred gathering, let us remember the teachings of Yeshua and Mary Magdalene, Shekhinah Adonai, let us remember the divine love that flows through all creation, connecting us in this vast, sacred tapestry of existence.


We are not just observers of this divine play, we are active participants. Each of us is a sacred vessel, carrying the divine spark within us. Let this Shabbat be a testament to our shared commitment to nurture this spark, to live in the light of the divine, and to carry this light into our everyday lives.

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In the holy names of Maryam and Yeshua, in the sacred spirit of Shabbat, let us welcome one another in peace, love, and unity. Shalom - Shlama, and welcome to the Magdalene Shabbat.

To participate in the Magdalene Shabbat we ask for a small donation that goes towards the Children that we are sponsoring in India with their food, clothing and education.

We gather once a Month for our Online Magdalene Shabbat.

Ahava, Ana Otero

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