Magdalene Shabbat

Magdalene Shabbat

Mary Magdalene, as you continue your ministry among us and through us, we come to know that you are the Church and that you dwell within us. 

As we seek to make our life a prayer, we become and instrument of HER peace. AHAVA.

Magdalene Shabbat February 2022

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Magdalene Shabbat

As it has been prophesied, the Feminine Christ already walks among us. And her presence unfolds the mystical petals of the sacred rose. 

Ana Otero

Join us for our monthly online Magdalene Shabbat.


The word Shabbat derives in it´s Babylonian origin to mean the 15th Day of the Moon. This day was seen as a Day of receiving Blessings and if we think of the number 6, 1 and 5, 6 represents the HAND OF GOD , which is know in Mysticism as the hand of the Divine Feminine Presence: Shekhinah. A derivation of this word also means 7 in Akkadian (Babylonian), so with time people started celebrating the Shabbat on the 7th day of the week, which in many cultures meant on the Friday. The Greek Hebrew Christians changed it to Saturday and the Romans to Sunday.


How can we receive the HAND OF THE GOD ? By honoring the Divine Feminine Presence, by allowing HER to take us into Communion with our Soul. She infuses us with love and courage to be the best version of ourselves. It is SHE who brings us into communion with the soul and who takes us out of slavery. We tend to become slaves of a system, of our fears, of our repetitive patterns, etc. Shekhinah brings us into Divine Union within ourselves.


Every month we celebrate a Live Online Magdalene Shabbat. There is a small donation that we ask for as Mary Magdalene Mystery School sponsors children from India so as to hel them with their education, food and clothing.

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You can also listen to weekly shabbat messages on my youtube channel. Click here.

The following transmissions are incorporated:

Magdalene Prayers

Channeled Meditations

Ahava Sacred Dance

Sacred Drumming

Chanting in Aramaic

Teachings from the Christ Mystery School


Kabbalistic Practices

Oracle Reading

Channeling from Mary Magdalene 

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In His and Her Holy Name.


Ana Otero