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Sarah Tamar Blue

Rose Healing

Sarah Tamar, the Christed divine child, a resonance of sanctity carved from the heart of the cosmos. A living, breathing testament to the interconnected vibrations of love, wisdom, and spiritual regeneration that transcends our earthly confines, she inhabits a space that exists within the abstract realm of the divine.

Her mere presence is a symphony of serenity, her essence flowing in harmonious cadence with the universal rhythm. Each heartbeat she emits radiates a pure healing frequency, the pulsating notes of compassion and unity echoing through the veins of existence. Her aura is a composition of celestial colors, the majestic aura of galaxies swirling around her, manifesting an incandescent tapestry of cosmic love.

She walked the world as the embodiment of divine grace, an earthly seraph whose vibrational whispers mended the cracks within the human spirit, and soothed the turbulent seas of suffering.

She guides lost souls through the labyrinth of shadows, leading them toward the light of divine embrace.

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She teaches us that there is a sacred rhythm, a melodious enchantment that touches souls and sparks spiritual metamorphosis. A sonnet of hope, a ballad of love, her vibration is the symphony that heals, the sacred chant that awakens.

Sarah Tamar, the Christed divine child, a manifestation of love in its most profound sense. A healing vibration that resounds through the ether, a pure light that kindles the dormant divinity within each soul, reminding us of our own sacred nature, our own healing power, our intimate connection to the divine.

Sarah Tamar is the embodiment of Celestial Light and Sound, an earthly incarnation of divine love, and the perfect resonance of the healing vibration.

Ahava, Ana Otero

Welcome to Sarah Tamar's Blue Rose Healing Training Certification. In 2017, I channeled the Sarah Tamar Infinity Codes, a divine gift that revealed to me the mysteries contained within the Blue Rose and the Infinite Sound Vibration of Creation.

I shared these codes with the world in 2022, and since the Winter Solstice 2022, I have been on a remarkable journey, anchoring and grounding the powerful transmissions of The Blue Rose. This sacred undertaking, rooted in devotion and dedication, allowed me to delve deep into the heart of these healing practices and modalities. Working with Sound and teaching Sound Awakening within The Desert Rose Bee Mentorship has also allowed me to anchor the infinite possibilities that the Blue Rose gifts us.

It's with immense honor and profound gratitude that I share the Sarah Tamar Blue Rose Healing with you. This Accredited Training, steeped in the wisdom and teachings of Sarah Tamar, invites you to experience the transformative power of the Blue Rose Healing practices.

This is a Certified Accredited Training Program and when you complete the training and the case studies, you will be given certification status to facilitate the Sarah Tamar Blue Rose Healings.

Join us, as we journey through the power of Sarah Tamar's Blue Rose Healing, and receive the Mystery Teachings of Sarah Tamar and the healing power of Infinity. Together, we will traverse the path of healing, transcend duality, and experience the wonder of divine spiritual awakening.

This Training Program is for:

  1. Those who aspire to harness the healing power of The Blue Rose of Sarah Tamar within themselves. Those who wish to experience and embody the transformative energy that can bring about profound healing in their lives and the lives of those around them. This is a journey of personal discovery and self-healing, an opportunity to learn how to tap into your inherent potential to facilitate healing at all levels – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

  2. Those who seek not only to experience the healing power of the Blue Rose of Sarah Tamar but also to embody it in a professional capacity as a Sarah Tamar Blue Rose Healer - Practitioner. This group is composed of those who feel a calling to actively engage in healing work, to serve others by utilizing these potent healing methodologies. This entails a deeper commitment to understanding the Sarah Tamar Blue Rose healing system, mastering its practices, and applying them in a therapeutic setting.

Whether your interest is personal or professional, this training offers the tools, techniques, and understanding needed to embody Sarah Tamar´s Blue Rose Healing Energy. It is a transformative journey, to embody healing energy, and to contribute to the wellbeing of yourself and others.

This is a self - paced online training with some lives that will be available to join twice a year. 4.

To read the Curriculum for the Sarah Tamar Blue Rose Healing Certification Training

In all of the Trainings at The Desert Rose Mystery School, the ancient Light Languages of Aramaic and Hebrew, as well as precise sacred Body Technology, are practiced as a form of Consecrated Embodiment.

Sending so much love.

Ahava, Ana Otero

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