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Womb Yoga

Welcome to Magdalene Womb Yoga, a pioneering approach to yoga that brings forth the resonances of the New Frequency. This practice is the result of my lifelong dedication to the yoga path, which began at the age of 11 and has since flourished across five unique modalities of Yoga.

The genesis of Magdalene Womb Yoga was marked by my profound experiences with Mary Magdalene. As I began to receive her apparitions, my body, seasoned by years of yogic practice, was primed to receive and co-create the novel frequencies of awakening. These frequencies surge through us as we reconnect with the cosmic womb through our umbilical chord of divine connection.

Magdalene Womb Yoga is not merely a practice; it is a ceremony of awakening. This practice activates and re-awakens the six 'Magdalene Wombs' within you: the Physical Womb, the Energetic Womb, the Holy Flame of the Serpent Womb, the Womb of Divine Union, the Dragon Womb, and the Cosmic Womb. Together, these six wombs form a flower of six petals, reminiscent of the ancient Hebrew symbol.

In This Training, We Bring Together:


Traditional yoga postures, Magdalene meditations, the formation of Aramaic letter yoga poses and mudras, and Celestial Movement Meditations. Our practice becomes a dance, a Mantric choreography accompanied by the primal heartbeat of drumming in each session and the harmonious chanting of sacred languages including Aramaic, Hebrew, and the transcendent Light Language.

In Magdalene Womb Yoga, you do not just learn a new form of yoga; you experience a transformative awakening, a divine dance between physicality and spirituality, human and celestial, the personal and the cosmic. Join us on this mystical journey, and discover your own potential for profound connection, resonance, and transcendence.


Our next training starts in January 2024.

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