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Welcome to the Yeshua-Magdalene Lineage at
The Desert Rose Mystery School.


This lineage represents a radiant stream of spiritual wisdom, fondly known as the Lineage of Light, or the Venus Lineage. It connects us to a profound heritage of spiritual illumination that has its roots deep in time, originating from the heart of the desert, weaving a complex and beautiful tapestry of divine insight, profound wisdom, mysticism and awakening.

Our Mystery School is committed to bringing these ancient teachings to light, offering a rich collection of courses and programs dedicated to the exploration and understanding of the many Light Beings of the Spiral of the Rosa Mystica. This mystical spiral unfolds a pantheon of spiritual luminaries whose teachings continue to guide us on our spiritual journeys.

Among these influential holy beings, we study the wisdom of Mother Anna, the grandmother of Yeshua, who embodies the divine feminine wisdom. We delve into the teachings of Mother Mary, exploring her deep reservoir of compassion, holder of light and grace. John the Baptist, the harbinger of Light, provides us with insights into the nature of transformation, cleansing of our sexual energy and spiritual awakening.


Further, we journey into the wisdom of Sarai the Matriarch, whose life and transformation to Sarah represent a spiritual journey of faith and divine promise. Myriam the Prophetess introduces us to the realm of divine prophecy and sacred dance, and the Hathors of Egyptian tradition offer unique perspectives on celestial and musical vibrations.

These beings and many others form the spiritual constellation of the Rosa Mystica Christ Lineage. Each one brings unique insights, contributing to an intricate symphony of wisdom that has been echoing across the ages. Their teachings form a radiant web of spiritual guidance that is as relevant today as it was thousands of years ago.

At the Desert Rose Mystery School, we are deeply honored to share this sacred lineage. We extend a warm invitation to all who feel called to explore this ancient wisdom and become part of the continuing tradition of the Rosa Mystica Christ Lineage.

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Ahava and Blessings to you all,
Ana Otero

At The Desert Rose Mystery School we offer many Self - Paced Workshops, Programs and Embodied Novenas.


Sarah Tamar Embodied Novena

(A 9 day journey with the Christer Child)

Mary Magdalene, Yeshua and the 7 Churches of light

Black Madonna Embodied Novena

Am Embodied Experience of Yeshua

Magdalene - Christ Rosa Mystica Novena

John the Baptist Embodied Novena

You can also take a look at all of the on demand workshops and programs by visiting our online school 

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