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Lead MM Priestess Trainer and Director of Magdalene Business School. Mexico

"The priestesshood of Mary Magdalene is not a common weekend certification. It is a journey. It transforms at all levels, there is no part of you that does not embrace a profound change, more aligned to the truth than each one of us It possesses. This Training integrates the various areas of our lives, without separation, without any judgment. Mary Magdalene is a teacher for this new era, but to know her one must go beyond books, from what we have been told through others. MM offers us the gift of knowing her through our own body and experience, being able to discern within the energy that she really is and what is still permeated with dogma. Daring to take the step is not an act of blind faith: it is an act of self-love, of love for our gifts in service to life. Thank you Ana Otero for being a pillar of light in this School of Mysteries with your loving presence, example, perseverance, wisdom, impulse, abundance, humanitarianism and humility. Thank you for teaching me the value of commitment as a sacred path. I deeply love you.

 If you feel the call, do not hesitate. Experience for yourself what heaven is on Earth. "




It is difficult to put words to what training has represented for me.I have felt a powerful and organic internal transformation.The training reminded me over and over again that I was at home, this is my place: to the priestesshood, the rituals and ceremonies, the connection with the cycles of the moon and the festivities of the wheel ... I know that my link with Mary Magdalene,Yeshua, Mother Ana, the Lady of the Lake, Merlin, Miriam, Moses,… comes from far away.They have all become my spirit guides and I channel them often.And the most beautiful thing: the accompaniment of Ana Otero.Ana, thank you for your words, for leading us to the wisdom of the body, for the generosity of your heart, for the loving and compassionate gaze, for so many tools ... for each of the meditations, activations, cleansings, channeled messages, the oils,dances, songs ... For accompanying us, for being.Thank you.



Story Teller, Art Therapist, Druid Priestess, Priestess of Mary Magdalene, Magdalene Mother

Scottland - Spain

"Ahava, when I began my training as a priestess, I was not aware that I was beginning such a rich journey of self-discovery, accompanied by mythology and cosmology, nor that I would acquire so many treasures and resources along the way.


The guardian of this path is Ana Otero, the wise woman at the crossroads who knows exactly when, where and with whom to share the teachings of Mary Magdalene. I am deeply grateful to Ana for entrusting me with this knowledge, these ancient codes. I recommend all of Ana's courses, especially the Priestess Training, to anyone who feels the call. "



Therapist, Priestess of Mary Magdalene. Spain

WOMB YOGA: essential training to learn to connect with, honor, nurture and love the physical body, as well as with the cyclicality of feminine energy and the awareness of what it means. Very diverse modules, with beautiful music that reaches the soul, meditations that connect you with your "deepest self" and incorporation of the phases of the moon in day to day. Powerful yoga that raises your vibration and helps you embodied. Maximum professionalism and beauty in all dimensions.



Priestess of Avalon, Priestess of Mary Magdalene, Therapist


Following the call to live the Priestesshood of Mary Magdalene for me has been a path of great love, of meeting with a strong sisterhood where each of us, living our own themes and stories, has added to the healing of others, where we have shared from the heart and soul. The path of  priestesshood is full of love, of infinite and deep connection with the Sacred Feminine and Masculine energy, it is a path of self-knowledge, healing, reflection and empowerment. The Wise Guide Ana Otero is loving and generous and has helped me reconnect to who I am.  I am so grateful for this



Fashion Designer, Kundalini Dance Teacher, Yoga Teacher. Tenerife, Spain


I did the Kundalini Dance Training with Ana Otero and since then my life has changed. Shakti woke up in me and I was able to get rid of many shadows in my life. I was able to HEAL. Ana Otero is a great Master who teaches by example and day by day, she is a great wise and definitely an Aquarian Master. Thank you. Sat Nam.



Spain, Mexico, Austria

When I began the Priestess of Mary Magdalene Training, I felt that many pieces were placed, that I was coming home, to a very familiar place, of sisterhood, magic, alchemy and mystery.From a young age she had the desire to train  in a School of Mysteries, remembering feminine knowledge and ancestral wisdom ... later I was called to deepen in the sacred dance and the rites of passage.The Mary Magdalene Priestess training has offered me the integration of all these interests and has helped me a lot in my personal transformation.I am deeply grateful to Ana for her dedication, for supporting, guiding and heartily sharing all her love and wisdom.I encourage both men and women to carry out trainings with Ana, she will help you to activate your gifts and  to be able to share them with the world .

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