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About Ana Otero

Ana Otero

  • Founder of The Desert Rose Mystery School®.​

  • Creator of Mary Magdalene Priestess - Priest Training.​

  • PHD in Dance Movement Therapy

  • Yoga Certified Teacher in Kundalini, Tantra, Hatha and Yin.​ Practitioner and Teacher in Egyptian Energy Medicines.

  • Aramaic and Light Language Songstress.​

  • Creator and Trainer in Magdalene Womb Yoga, Alaha Shela, The Desert Rose Bee, The Desert Rose Womb ACtivation and Healing, Sarah Tamar Infinity Codes.

  • Healer through Light Language and the Essene Technique for Healing. 

  • Teacher in the Mystical Arts (Myrraphore tradition - Sacred Essential Oils, Ritual and Ceremony, Gnostic - Biblical Astrology, Numerology, Mystical Arts).​

  • Writer, Channel, Artist and Mystical Activist 

  • Mother and Lover to the Beloved.

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More About Ana Otero

Dancing the Language of Spirit with Mary Magdalene

I started dancing at the age of 3 and went to my first yoga class at the age of 11.  From a very young age, I knew that my connection to the spirit was very strong, receiving visions and the presence of many light beings.  Dance and all expressions of art were how I translated these messages into the language of the material world.


As a child, my longing for oneness with source was so strong that I spent hours reading Teresa of Ávila, St. John of the Cross, Kabir, and Rumi.  I adored all expressions of mysticism and was seduced by poetry and music.

My thirst for the embodied knowledge of dance lead me to be trained in Ballet, Isadora Duncan, Flamenco, Middle Eastern Dance, and Sufi Whirling.  For the most part of my life, I have taught people to heal and connect with spirit through dance.  Dance was the means by which I could help people awaken their creative sexual energy known as kundalini. I knew this intuitively but I could never explain what it was nor how I did it until I welcomed the presence of Mary Magdalene into my life.


In 2011 I received my first apparition of Mary Magdalene while I was living in the Middle East. Since that moment I have dedicated my life to Her as Kallah Messiah Feminine Christ and to the teachings of the Desert Rose. The great teachers of the Desert are the ones that I seek to follow their footsteps. I started the training program for Mary Magdalene Priestess Training in 2012, opening The Desert Rose Mystery School in 2014. In 2021, we opened up the MM Training to men, as so many were longing to follow the footsteps of the Magdalene.

I have lived in many parts of the world and now I happily live in Spain.  Our Mystery School is Physical and Virtual and I am so grateful to be able to travel to different parts of the world to offer trainings, workshops, retreats and attend different events.

Thank you for reading me.


In Gratitude to My Enlightened Teachers:

I would like to mention my teachers because their wisdom has helped me RE-MEMBER.  There are so many of you and if I have forgotten your name I am sure I will remember to include you!

Dance, Music and Movement Therapy:

Myriam Eli, Gabrielle Roth 5 Rhythms, Mahmoud Reda, Nour of Cairo, Ashraf Hassan, Sami El Dessouk, Raqia Hassan, Shokry Mohamed, Isabel Bayón, Belén Maya, Judea Maya, Chúa Alba, Farruquito, Carmela Greco, Mayra Brawny, Manolete, Anna Halprin, Emily Conrad, Julia Levien, Miranda, Yousef Sheronik, Marla Leigh, Zohar, Murat, Barbakan.


Yogi Bhajan, Margot Paccuad, Siva Rhea , Gurmukh, Sharon Gannon & David Life (Jivanmukti Yoga), Maya Fiennes, Amir, Bernie Clark, Swami Chidvilasananda. 

Spiritual Therapy and Lineages:

My Daughter Almudena, Asia Priestess of Avalon, Sue Ann More Evolutionary Astrology, Sue Anne More Wiccan Tradition, Ahmed of the Sacred Essential Oil Lineage, Yohanan Sophianic Kabbalah, Sister Ruth, my Mother, Barbakan.

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In all of the Courses, Training, and Workshops that I Teach my desire is that all of you awaken your Creative Energy to heal, to love, to feel good, to live the life you desire, to align with your destiny, and to be a Divine Human on Planet Earth.

​The word "creativity" comes from the Latin word creare, which means "to create", therefore, by definition, creativity is the ability to transcend the conventional and existing concepts, patterns, and relationships, in order to bring something new into the tangible form or in the form of ideas. Creativity is the act of creating something new for yourself and/or for society.

For Creativity to be the force that drives us to create our lives as a work of art in a conscious way, it is necessary to claim our power and make it ours. Our Power is always awake, as a “program” it is always running through us, but most of the time we do not know it so we allow our power to take over us. When we do not claim our power, it aligns with the force of our programs, fears, and patterns, and becomes so strong that our lives are a reflection of the manifestation of our unconscious power. The moment we decide to EMPOWER ourselves, to be in our POWER, to claim our POWER, is when all those obsolete programs cease to have force. SACRED CREATIVITY is born as the impulse that leads us to live as CO-CREATORS and CREATORS and we begin to manifest our dreams.

Conversations with Mary Magdalene by Ana Otero


May you become a genius of your own life and may every day be the most definitive creative act of living, being and loving.


Ana Otero

When you move the body, your personal river of energy begins to flow, and clarity and inspiration are the orders of the day. That is why I believe that the practice of movement - dance is inseparable from the true creative pulse. Mary Magdalene wants us to be creative in order to bring our destiny to the world. We should not look at others and compare ourselves because each person brings their gifts to the world and to claim and appreciate these gifts, creativity is the way. At the same time, when we connect with the creative channel, there is an absence of EGO in that moment of creativity. The more we cultivate practices where there is an absence of the EGO, the more karma we release.  

I opened The Desert Rose Mystery School® in 2014 as it was what Mary Magdalene asked me to do. She has guided me in the teachings of different techniques in order to create a spiritual school that would follow the teachings of Mary Magdalene and Yeshua and the Desert Rose Teachings. Through in-depth study of Hebrew Mysticism, Egyptian Mysticism, Aramaic, Alaha Shela, Aramaic, Light Language, Hathor - Venus Lineage, Hindu Philosophy, Yogic Science, Hermeticism, Astrology, Numerology, Sacred Essential Oils, Sacred Dance, Movement Therapy, Gnosticism, the Path of the Divine Feminine and the Gnostic Gospels, we have been able to create a school and we continue to create a school that resembles and is aligned with the teachings of Mary Magdalene and Yeshua.

Remember you are a creative being!


We are all creative in one way or another, but Creativity as a catalyst for a powerful change in our life is something we must train in.

Creativity – Channeled Sexual Energy:


Heals Our Body


Heals our relationship with ourselves.


Heals the relationship with others.


Leads us to live in Absolute Abundance.


Opens us to claim our destiny.


Makes us manifest through magnetism.

Life becomes a true work of art when we allow Creativity to infuse every part of our life.


The Awakening of Compassion, surrender, humility, empathy, and love returns us to our essence. This is the purity of the Divine Feminine Presence and Mary Magdalene was a pure woman. This purity returns us to the heart and this is where our spiritual womb is born. The Spiritual Womb opens to receive the cosmic field of pure potential and it is here, in our spiritual womb, where we can align ourselves and receive the sacred energies of the cosmic mother. From this space of the spiritual womb, we become a resting place for the Divine Feminine. The mystical and the physical unite within the female body. Our body is the temple where the magical conception of absolutely everything occurs, opening a doorway that takes us beyond form, towards the greater field of creation. As the Divine Feminine emerges, our spiritual womb becomes a source of true strength and power, pure compassion and wisdom. Life is constantly reclaimed and reborn within the spiritual womb of the Divine Feminine Presence. This is the place where form and non-form meet and mix, creating harmony between cosmic forces and earthly impulses.

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Conversations with Mary Magdalene by Ana Otero


Mary Magdalene is a doorway to the rebirthing of the soul of  humanity and the memory of our sacred roots in the Mother of Creation. Through holy communion with Mary Magdalene, we enter this portal within ourselves where we activate, initiate and awaken our own Magdalene essence. She prepares us and opens us to receive the Holy Spirit. This creative Spirit lives at the base of our universe, as the eternal matrix of the birth of the Mother-Father, and encompasses both man and woman, each intermediate spectrum and all expressions of life. Let us praise Mary Magdalene Messiah and Yeshua Christ Messiah!


Ode to the Black Madonna

In the void of my silence, hiding myself from the light of the world.

Illuminated by the moon and by the stars.

Away from the eyes of what seems to be.

Dark night, take me into the velvet embrace of the Black Madonna.

Goddess, Almighty Mother. Protect me in your arms.

Look at me with your shiny dark face.

Look at me as I am, as I have been, as I will be.

In your emptiness, the past and the future are one.

Invisible, unheard of, and hidden by light, things are seen in my dark night.

Guide me and help me find the way.

You who know me, take me to who I really am.

Ana Otero


A call for compassion

Divine Mother

In these times of chaos

When all sentient beings and nature herself

Face death and resurrection

Fill us with the splendor of your passionate enlightenment

Burn us with your sacred fires

And bring into re-membering our being

Infuse our bodies, hearts, souls and minds

With the calm of your infinite embrace

Infuse us with the remembrance of our sacred marriage, the union between the masculine and feminine from which in each of us the Divine Child is born

The child that is your flesh, your heart, your light, your breath.

The Child that is free from dogma, shame and separation.

Birth us to be free and to be love

Free to play in love

Free to serve in love

As love and for love

Divine mother, teach us in this hour of apocalypse the appropriate action

that heals


redeems and transforms

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