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Ahava Worship

Ahava Worship Dance® is a transcendental experience that marries the ancient wisdom of the Aramaic Letters with the holistic principles of Sacred Dance. Created with the deepest reverence and prayer by Ana Otero, this unique dance practice is an embodiment of love, intention, and devotion.

At its core, Ahava Worship Dance is about connection — to oneself, to others, and to the Cosmic Intelligence. Drawing inspiration from the quantum energy of the Aramaic Letters, each movement becomes a conduit for channeling divine energy. The letters themselves, sacred and full of creation , resonate with frequencies that have the potential to shift, heal, and transform.

When practiced within a community, in the sanctified space of a circle, the dance takes on a deep significance. Participants become part of a dynamic mandala, a living representation of the heavenly realm. As they dance, they anchor the ethereal Light Codes into the Earth, bringing together light, spirit, and matter.

While Ahava Worship Dance® can be a collective act of worship and activation, it can equally be a personal journey. As an individual practice, the dance becomes an intimate prayer, a moving meditation, and a manifestation of one's deepest intentions and devotions. Every step, every sway, every lift of the arms becomes a conversation with the divine.

In Ahava Worship Dance®, Ana Otero has not just created a dance; she has birthed a spiritual tool. It serves as a bridge between realms, a harmonization of body and spirit, and a testament to the power of intentional movement. Whether danced in solitude or in communion with others, Ahava Worship Dance® invites practitioners to a higher plane of consciousness, to a space where every movement is a sacred act of love.

Ana will be sharing Ahava Worship Dance® in monthly Magdalene Shabbats and various workshops.

Ahava, Ana Otero

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