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1 to 1 Sessions

Welcome to the one-on-one Magdalene Readings Sessions and the Holy Pulse Mentorship, a Voice Awakening Mentorship, guided by Ana Otero. This unique journey is not merely a teaching program, but a sacred voyage into the depths of your own soul and voice.

Through the one-on-one sessions, you will experience a deeply personal encounter with Ana, who will walk alongside you, offering wisdom, encouragement, and transformative practices tailored to your specific needs and spiritual goals. In these 1-1 Sessions Ana works with:

Ana Otero works with:

  • Channeled Message from Mary Magdalene and Light Beings of the Rosa Mystica.

  • Light Language

  • Essene Healing.

  • Astrology Natal Charts

  • Oracular Energy Readings

  • Desert Rose Womb Activation

  • Manifestation as a Consecrated Prayer

  • Pleiadian Healing

  • Light Codes

  • Abundance Activation Codes

When you sign up you can tell Ana what time of Reading - Session you would like.

The Holy Pulse Mentorship is an invitation to awaken your voice in the most profound sense. This isn't just about singing or speaking - it's about reclaiming the power of your authentic expression. It's about listening to the quiet pulse of wisdom in your heart and finding the courage to share it with the world.

This mentorship is a comprehensive and transformative journey. It interweaves ancient spiritual traditions with teachings and practices on the power of sound, resulting in a holistic approach that nourishes the mind, body, and soul. It is about awakening your signature soul sound within and using it to illuminate your path and touch the lives of others with your resonance.

Your voice is a divine instrument. The Holy Pulse Mentorship is an opportunity to fine-tune this instrument and play your unique melody in the symphony of life. Whether you feel called to heal, to teach, to inspire, or simply to express your truth more fully, this journey will empower you to do so with clarity, confidence, and heartfelt passion.

For 1-1 Sessions

For the Holy Pulse Mentorship

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