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Magdalene Myrrhophore Tradition

Introducing the Magdalene Myrrhophore Tradition


The Magdalene Myrrhophore tradition is a sacred practice steeped in the art of healing, awakening, and fostering unity with the aid of essential oils. This ancient art traces its roots back to Mary Magdalene, who herself was a revered myrrhophore. The Essenes also employed Biblical Oils in their Healings and Ceremonies.

Mary Magdalene is often depicted in sacred texts carrying a jar of myrrh, earning her the title 'Myrrhophore,' or 'Bearer of Myrrh.' However, her wisdom extended beyond myrrh alone. She was adept in the ancient healing arts, employing a variety of essential oils to facilitate healing, spiritual awakening, and a sense of unity.

Essential oils, in the myrrhophore tradition, are far more than simple fragrances. They are considered sacred medicines, capable of bringing about deep healing and transformation. Each oil carries unique properties and symbolism. Each oil is connected to the Holy Spirit and embodies the energy of certain planets and zodiacal frequencies.

More than just physical healing, these oils serve as powerful spiritual tools. They bridge the physical and the ethereal, helping us to harmonize our bodies, minds, and spirits. Through their aromatic symphony, they awaken our senses, stimulate our intuitive faculties, and help us connect more deeply with our divine essence.

The Magdalene Myrrhophore tradition offers an insightful journey into the world of essential oils and their role in spiritual practice. It invites us to understand how Mary Magdalene, as a myrrhophore, utilized these sacred oils for healing, awakening, and cultivating a sense of oneness.

As a myrrhophore, Mary Magdalene stands as a symbol of feminine wisdom, healing, and spiritual mastery, embodying the harmonious blending of the physical and spiritual realms. Her expertise in the use of sacred oils demonstrates her profound understanding of the interconnectedness of body, mind, and spirit, and her dedication to healing and awakening.

At the Desert Rose Mystery School, we are honored to carry forward this ancient wisdom in our Mary Magdalene Priest-ess Training. The Magdalene Myrrhophore Training is a pivotal part of this program, offering an in-depth exploration of the healing properties, symbolism, and application of essential oils in spiritual practice. We warmly invite you to embark on this sacred journey, awakening the healer within and stepping into the legacy of the Myrrhophores.

Ahava and Blessings to you all,
Ana Otero

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