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Day 4 Ritual to the Light

Ritual of Inner Flame and Miracles

Purpose: This ritual is designed to connect you with the transformative power of light, both externally in the candles of Hanukkah and Advent and internally within your own being. It's a practice to awaken visions and call in miracles.

Setting Up Your Space:

Candle Preparation: Choose a quiet and comfortable space where you can light your Hanukkah menorah or Advent candles. Ensure the area is safe for burning candles.

Creating a Sacred Atmosphere: You may choose to play soft, meditative music in the background or perhaps sit in silence. Make sure you're seated comfortably, with the candles placed safely in front of you.

Steps of the Ritual:

Lighting the Candles: Begin by lighting your candles, whether they are for Hanukkah or Advent. As you light each candle, take a moment to observe the act, focusing on the intention of bringing light and warmth into your space and your heart.

Gazing into the Flames: Once your candles are lit, gently focus your gaze on the flames. Observe the dance of the light, the subtle movements, and the spectrum of colors within the flames. Allow the mesmerizing motion of the flames to draw you into a deeper state of contemplation.

Feeling the Heat: Place the palms of your hands near (but not too close to) the flames to feel the warmth emanating from the candles. Contemplate this warmth, recognizing it as a reflection of the inner flame that burns within you, a source of your own heat and light.

Acknowledging the Inner Flame: As you feel the heat from the candles, reflect on the flame that resides within you. This internal flame represents your life force, your passion, your inner strength. Acknowledge this flame as a miracle in itself, a vital part of your being.

Closing Your Eyes: After a few moments, gently close your eyes while keeping the image and sensation of the flames in your mind. Visualize these flames residing within you, in the core of your being.

Visioning and Invoking Miracles: In the stillness and quiet, with the awareness of your inner flame, start to envision what you wish to ignite in your life. What visions or dreams do you want to bring to light? What miracles are you calling forth to be birthed? Allow your inner flame to energize these visions, giving them power and clarity.

Concluding the Ritual: When you feel ready, slowly open your eyes, taking a moment to ground yourself back in the present. Extinguish the candles safely, carrying the warmth and light of the ritual with you.

Post-Ritual Reflection:

Take some time to journal or reflect on the visions and miracles you called upon. Remember that the ritual's power continues beyond the moment, as the light you've awakened within you is an ever-present source of guidance, warmth, and transformation.

Channeled Message for Day 4 from Mary Magdalene

In the sacred silence of your heart, there lies a spark of divine heat waiting to be awakened. This is the essence of your inner strength, the source of confidence that empowers you to walk the path of your chosen mission.

In these times of transformation, I call upon you to turn inward and tend to this sacred flame. Nurture your inner heat, as with this flame you awaken a wellspring of confidence that illuminates your path and guides your steps.

The mission you have chosen is not a path laid by others. It is a unique blueprint of your soul from different lifetimes on Earth and in the Celestial Realms, and the experiences, insights, and aspirations of this incarnation. Trust in the warmth of your inner flame to unveil the mystery that lies within you, for this mystery contains the revelation of the purpose of your journey.

In moments of doubt or uncertainty, remember that this inner heat is a reflection of the divine spark within you. It is a reminder of your connection to the universal source of love and wisdom. Allow this heat to transform fear into courage, hesitation into action, and uncertainty into clarity.

As you awaken this inner heat, let it manifest in your life as confidence. Confidence not born of arrogance, but of deep knowing and alignment with your true self. Let it be the force that drives you to express your truth, to share your gifts, and to make a meaningful impact in the world.

Your mission is a sacred contract with the divine. It is an expression of your soul's deepest desires and highest aspirations. Walk this path with the assurance that you are guided, supported, and loved. Let the warmth of your inner flame be a constant companion, reminding you of your strength, your purpose, and your profound connection to all that is.

Mary Magdalene

Channeled by Ana Otero

Wishing all of you a Blissful Monday.

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Ana Otero

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