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Day 5 Ritual to the Light: Expand your Inner Light

Ritual for Softening and Expanding Your Inner Light


This ritual is designed to soften your body and heart, expand your inner flame, and increase the light you can share with others. It focuses on the soul's yearning and uses the power of visualization and surrender to connect deeply with your inner self.


  • Select a quiet and comfortable space.

  • You can Light your Hanukkah and/or Advent Candle or choose a candle that resonates with you.

  • Place the candle in front of you.

  • Prepare to use the Aramaic - Hebrew word 'HINEINI' (הנני), meaning 'Here I am' or 'I surrender,' as a mantra.

Steps of the Ritual:

  1. Setting Your Intention: Sit comfortably in front of the candle. Take a few deep breaths and set your intention to soften your body and heart, to expand your inner flame, and to generate more light for others.

  2. Lighting the Candle: Light the candle, focusing on the act as a symbol of igniting your inner flame and potential.

  3. Yearning of the Soul: Close your eyes for a moment and focus on the deepest yearning of your soul. What is it that your soul truly longs for? Hold this yearning in your heart.

  4. Visualizing Infinite Potential: Open your eyes and gaze at the flame. Imagine that the energy of your infinite potential is feeding the flame. Visualize the flame growing larger and brighter, reflecting the expansion of your own energy and light.

  5. Gazing and Visualization: Continue to gaze at the flame. Visualize within it the longing of your soul, seeing your desires and hopes manifesting within the light.

  6. Receiving Energy: Now, gently close your eyes again. Open your heart and imagine the energy you gave to the flame returning to you, enriched and amplified.

  7. Softening and Surrendering: As you receive this energy, consciously relax and soften your body. Release any tension in your jaw, hands, and throughout your being. Surrender to the moment.

  8. Chanting 'HINEINI': Softly repeat the word 'HINEINI,' embracing its meaning of surrender and presence. Feel yourself opening up to the possibilities and guidance of the universe.

  9. Embracing Reciprocity: In this space of surrender, remember that what your soul seeks is also seeking you. The universe responds to the call of your heart.

  10. Closing the Ritual: When you feel complete, slowly open your eyes. Take a few deep breaths to ground yourself. Say thank you to the flame before extinguishing it. Carry with you the expanded light and softened energy.

Post-Ritual Reflection:

Consider journaling about your experience or simply sitting in quiet reflection to fully absorb the energy and insights gained. Remember the mantra 'HINEINI' as a tool to bring you back to a state of surrender and openness in your daily life.


End your ritual by saying or thinking 'AHAVA,' which means 'love in service - love in action' in Hebrew. Let this word remind you of the love that surrounds you and the love that you are capable of giving to the world.

Message for the Day:

Today is the Feast Day of Our Lady of Guadalupe!

Our Lady of Guadalupe bears a profound spiritual revelation for our times.

Our Lady of Guadalupe brings us the Magdalene gnostic teachings of God the Mother as well as God the Daughter-Bride. Mary Magdalene embodied Christ, and was co-preacher and co-redeemer with Yeshua. Her authority as the First Apostle to behold and preach the teachings of the Risen Messiah elevates the unique capacity in womanhood to receive and transmit Gnosis and the Mystery Teachings of the Divine Feminine.

As the Magdalene brings the healing of all that divides the soul from the body and the body from the earth, Our Lady of Guadalupe holds very powerful Magdalene Frequencies that she is willing and wanting to activate within us.

Our Lady of Guadalupe appeared before Juan Diego and said to him:

“ I am the Forever Whole Saint Mary, Holy Mother of God, Holy Mother of the Giver of Life, Holy Mother of the Creator of the Human One, Holy Mother of the Creator of Heaven and the Earth, Primordial Wisdom, the Great Grandmother of All. It is my wish for you to build a Holy Temple, a Dwelling Place, here upon this Sacred Mount, where I will give myself to the people all of my love, compassion, assistance, and protection, a place of Holy Sanctuary, an abode of Holy Light "

3 years ago I created and offered a Written Novena to Our Lady of Guadalupe. Many of you have experienced the power of this beautiful journey. For those interested in learning more about La Guadalupe CLICK HERE.

Reminder: The Mary Magdalene Priestess and Priest Training for 2024 is open for registration. This is a One Year Online Training, Initiation and Ordination. CLICK HERE

Join us for our monthly online Magdalene Shabbat this Friday. Your donations are received with gratitude as more than ever we are being called to help others. Donations go towards sponsoring children in India with their food, clothing and education and also towards humanitarian organizations in Israel and Gaza. Shabbat is a blessing, not only are we communing with the Divine Feminine Presence in sacred community, an we are also helping children and those in need. CLICK HERE.

Join me and a lovely gathering of Brothers and Sisters for the Online !2 Days of Holy Christmas and Epiphany Activation. I facilitate this every year and I am so happy for brining in new teachings and transmissions. CLICK HERE

Sending so much love.


Ana Otero

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