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Desert Rose Weekly Reading: Miryai Noohra

Ahava and Blessings,

As we enter this Beit Day (Monday), a day of birth, reception, and conception, Aramaic Creation Spirituality teaches us that on a Beit Day, we can move from restriction to expansion, we can move from feeling small to feeling connected and in community.

This week our message is from Miryai Noohra. Remember that if we choose to bring an oracle into our life, the oracle reveals a prophecy, as we are in co-creation with all that exists and beyond.

Miryai Noohra, also known as Mary Magdalene, holds a significant place in the religious history of the Nazarenes and the early Christian movement. The Nazarenes were a Jewish sect that followed the teachings of Yeshua and existed during the early years of Christianity. They regarded Yeshua as a spiritual teacher and saw themselves as the true followers of his teachings.

The story of Miryai Noohra, as told in the Nazarene tradition, is one of spiritual awakening and transformation. Although the canonical gospels of the New Testament provide limited information about Mary Magdalene's life, the Nazarene and Gnostic texts offer additional insights into her background and journey.

According to the Nazarene tradition, Miryai Noohra was born into a wealthy family in the city of Magdala, situated on the western shore of the Sea of Galilee. Her father's name was Syrus and her mother's name was Eucharia. Both parents were of noble lineage and held significant social status.

Below you can watch the Video Transmission.

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Sending love to all of you on this Glorious Beit Day.


Ana Otero

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