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Epiphania Feast Day

Epiphany Blessings!

Epiphania represents the manifestation of the divine essence of Christ within us, symbolizing the ascension of Christic solar energy through our spinal column, the rising of the serpent, culminating in the anointing with the Chrism of the Holy Dove.

This sacred day is a devotion to Yeshua Messiah, the Christed ascended master, who imparts the wisdom that the Cosmic Drama – encompassing Birth, Life, Crucifixion, Death, and Resurrection – must unfold within us. This inner journey is essential for awakening and birthing the Cosmic Christ within our being. The Desert Rose Teachings on this day also celebrate the Divine Feminine Presence, honoring Mother Mary (Maryam), Elisheva (Elizabeth), and their pivotal roles in this spiritual narrative.

Maryam, whose name signifies 'the one who holds the infinite light of the Feminine,' embodies the profound mystery and unseeable light of the divine feminine. Elisheva, the mother of John the Baptist, represents 'The House of God of the 7,' symbolizing the Earthly Body Temple Vessel intended to embody Alaha (Divine Mother Father) through the path of initiation. The number seven activates the Holy Spirit, Shekhinah, and our sacred relationship with the Divine Feminine Presence.

In embodying and giving birth to the Christ Light, our devotion extends to the Infinite Light of the Feminine, embracing the Shabbat and the divine relationship with Shekhinah. This marks a continual journey of soul evolution through the path of sacred initiation.

Mirroring the unity of the Solar and Lunar in Yohanan the Baptizer and Yeshua, Mother Mary and Elisheva also represent the solar and lunar aspects, respectively, of divine energy.

The 12 Days of Gnostic Christmas have prepared our bodies through initiation, consecrating us as homes of Alaha (Elisheva). On Epiphania, we receive and embody Maryam, the holder of the Infinite Light of the Feminine. In becoming Maryam, the Christ Light is birthed through us, signifying our own Christening.

On this day, the gifts of the three Wise Men - gold, frankincense, and myrrh - carry deep symbolic meanings. Gold reflects the kingship of Christ within us, awakening our true sovereignty as we birth the Cosmic Christ. Frankincense represents the honor of our divine gifts and the immortality of our souls. Myrrh is bestowed for empathy and understanding of humanity's suffering, reminding us of the humility essential in our spiritual rulership and the transient nature of our physical existence.

Celebrated on January 6th, Epiphania is a time of profound spiritual realization and transformation. It is a day when we acknowledge and embrace our role as bearers of the Christ Light.

We are the light. AMEIN.

May this Epiphany bring blessings, miracles and truth..

Image from The Desert Rose Oracle Cards available through my website. CLICK HERE.


Ana Otero

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