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Mary Magdalene Message: Creation, Destiny, Breath

Mary Magdalene Message

Do not take your life for granted. Your life is a miracle, a gift, and you should honor and serve your incarnation. Honoring life begins by connecting with your breath. How many times a day do you actually thank the breath that you breathe? Without the breath, you would not be able to be incarnated. This is the life force of the Holy Spirit always breathing through you.


Distancing yourselves from the Divine breath has created a world in which humans have distanced themselves from your own qualities and from deep relationships with others. Even the thought processes you use to understand or heal repetitive patterns cannot be changed without your true connection to LIFE, to the breath. Original bliss begins here, as you will slowly start to remember who you are and why you came here.

Creation emerges from Unity, a life giving breath that permeates the whole cosmos. Your connection to your Breath will bring you in permanent harmony with the movement of the Universe. Everything is energy emanating from the same creative source and all of you carry this source in your breath, thus you are interactively connected with all.

Breath is the Shortest path to the Mother Father. You are on one end and Alaha is on the other end. With each breath that you take you are communicating with the heavenly source. The more time you pause throughout the day to remember this, the more conversations you will have with the Light and the more you will know your soul and the great Mystery of Creation. Secrets are revealed to you in these sacred spaces.

When you understand that the Kingdom of Heaven is within you when you breath, everything is possible, you are limitless, you are filled with a Divine desire to be, act and express. You are aware of the Divine Light transforming all limitations you have created into freedom. You know again that you are ONE.

Mary Magdalene

Channeled by Ana Otero


Every day you wake up give thanks to your life and your incarnation. Every evening that you go to bed make sure you are in peace with all of those who are part of your life.


All of the cosmos lives within you and each breath that you take is the breath of the Holy Spirit. She is the bridge that unites us with the Divine. All of the abundance of our planet and all of the Heavenly realms and Galactic energies are within you. We hold the infinite possibilities of creation.


As individual expressions of the I Am, all that we create within us is also breathed out for others to breath in. We must be conscious and aware of what is going on emotionally and karmically within us. This does not mean that you need to push out, resist or hide negative emotions and feelings. Look at them, understand them, understand why they are within you. Allow every part of your being to come to your round table. All of these parts make up who you are and only by allowing them to enter into our awareness can we find a harmony within us.

You are so important. Your incarnation is so needed. You have a Destiny and the highest expression of your Destiny is to be you, to be your Soul.

From the Book Mary Magdalene and the Path of Alaha Shela by Ana Otero

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New Moon Blessings to all of you as we enter into the Cycle of Iyar - Taurus.


Ana Otero

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