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Mother Mary Message

Mother Mary says:

Mother Mary says:

My dearest Child, open your heart and embrace any fear that you are feeling. The more you push your fear away, the more it will continue to haunt you. Fear just wants to be held like a child. Fear is not rational, it is an energy, and only you can allow fear to paralyze you. Stop pushing it away, acknowledge it, understand your fear and where it comes from. Fear is just an emotion, and when it offers you safety and protection, you are using it well. When you allow it to keep you stagnant, it has possessed you. Always remember that fear cannot harm you, it is a chemical reaction based on past experiences that you hold from this time and other lifetimes and also experiences that you may be holding that belong to your family. Sink into the present moment again, dive deep into the heart and know that in this place there is no fear. In your heart space fear starts to dissolve because you let go of control. Fear wants to confine you, keep you jailed within the EGO. Your heart space is free, boundless, infinite.

When you breath into your heart space, you go into a state of stillness that allows you to be in the present moment. In this stillness you can cut through the falsehoods and illusions that haunt you. In stillness you have space to see your truth, and release all of your old beliefs and thoughts. Hold true to your sacred dreams, your heart´s yearnings and holy desires.

The Divine plan is one of eternal expansion, remember that you are part of the lineage of Light. These Codes of Light are the genesis of the Christed energy originating from the purity of Alaha. I come to deliver the message that at the appropriate time, specified cosmic vibrations will energetically activate these codes embedded in your multiple stranded DNA. These cellular activations will expand your awareness, perceptions, and ability to evolve in harmony with all of Creation. This is your Cosmic Destiny.

As this message I bring to you today comes to a completion, I ask you again, go into your Heart Space, enter the Temple of Love and create within the Stillness of Light Creation.


Mother Mary

Channeled by Ana Otero



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