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Mother Mary Message for September 8th. Honoring the Day of HER Birth

Within my Womb of Light I preserve the seeds of a Race of beings who fully embody the Love and Light of Alaha. The beautifully concealed wisdom of the Divine Feminine Presence enlightens those who are ready to open their hearts and receive the Songs of Infinite Light.

My feet have walked the earth on the same path you tread. I am here again with you to offer myself as a humble guide through your initiations. I invite you to enter the chambers of your heart where every action is already perfect as the essence of Divine Love.

Trust the wisdom of your heart, fear has no place in your heart as the soul is always free in this space, unable to be caged in, unable to be controlled or manipulated.

In the Infinite space of your heart, the longing and loneliness you've been experiencing will naturally be liberated. You are never alone, you only get lost in the veils of illusion when you live your life outside of your heart.

Come home to your heart and find me awaiting you with arms open wide. Welcome, my Beloved, welcome to the sanctuary of your heart where you are safe, loved, fed and nurtured.

The enlightened Soul is the Soul who is willing to go through the journey of initiations that will take HER to truth. Enlightenment is the path of purification that will lead you to bring forth the new world. As you abide in the Space of your heart I will always be there for you guiding you to help others see the New World hidden within the old.


Mother Mary

Channeled by Ana Otero


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