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Taurus New Moon

Taurus is the union of matter with Spirit through the Presence of the Holy Spirit, of Shekinah.

As of this New Moon and for the next few days we are receiving the presence of Sarah Tamar as she activates the Malkootah, the Kingdom, and allows another layer of the Edenic Earth to be revealed.

Create Sacred Space within you so as tu actually create the spaceless, that which is infinite.

Sarah brings us the Message: I am the Light of the World.

As you seed your Sacred Intentions remember the following:

Taurus is about a holistic self-sufficiency that applies to all levels of a human being, including the material, bodily, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels. Material self- sufficiency is being able to support oneself financially. Bodily self-sufficiency is knowing how to care for and heal one's body as much as possible by oneself, and through a healthy lifestyle. Emotional self-sufficiency is self-love, instead of leaning too much on others. Mental self- sufficiency is not being overly dependent on others for knowledge. And spiritual self-sufficiency is deriving our peace and happiness from within, not from without.

May the Magdalene Flame guide us infinitely.


Ana Otero

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