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The Genesis and Sound Creation

The first words of the Genesis in Aramaic:

B'reshith aitahiy huwa melta wa huwa melta aitahiy huwa l'wat alaha wa alaha aitahiy huwa hu melta

In the Gospel of John we find the following translation: “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” (John 1:1, KJV)

Yet a more precise translation would be:

Infinite Creation Creating and Birthing is the Word (filled with wisdom and life) and the Word - Wisdom is unfolding through Alaha and Alaha is the Word Wisdom that exists.

Before we look at "Infinite Creation Creating and Birthing", I would like to share with you the power of the Aramaic Technology:

  1. All sounds produce vibrations, yet the sounds of sacred languages, such as Aramaic, emit particular frequencies that can realign our energy and harmonize our spirit with the divine.

  2. Chanting in Aramaic connects us to the holy teachers and prophets - prophetesses, mystics, and religious figures who have chanted these same words. This creates a collective energetic field that we can tap into, bridging timelines and histories.

  3. Aramaic is a language of the heart. Its sounds and intonations have a harmonizing effect, balancing the heart chakra and promoting feelings of love, compassion, and unity.

  4. Aramaic has the potential to alter brainwave patterns, leading to states of deep meditation, relaxation, and heightened awareness.

  5. The vibrational qualities of Aramaic are therapeutic. Ancient sounds resonate with our body's energy centers or chakras, potentially bringing about healing, releasing energetic blockages, and stimulating the flow of chi or prana.

  6. Aramaic, carries codes of divine information. Chanting in Aramaic can activate these codes, awakening dormant spiritual potentials within us, leading us to walk the path of our Divine Mission.

Going back to the first words of the Genesis, we can ask ourselves what Infinite Creation Creating means.

Creation is not a singular event that happened once in the distant past but is an ongoing, infinite act. This can challenge our linear understanding of time and invites us to envision a universe that is constantly being reborn and reshaped in every moment. We are constantly being reborn and reshaped in every minute.

This morning in my Magdalene Womb Yoga Practice I focused on my Yesod (Womb Chakra). In the Sophianic Kabbalah teachings the Yesod, the Womb chakra, filters al of the upper chakras or Sephirot as seen in the tree of life. There is an intention when working with Yesod: Be careful and wise with your thoughts and words, as they are the seeds for the fertile foundation of the Womb Chakra. This is also the energetic dwelling place of Shekhinah, the Divine Feminine Presence. Just in this space of our bodies we are infinitely reshaping, rebirthing and manifesting realities.

I would like to share with you a meditation I practice when working with Yesod:

Begin by focusing on your breath. I like to do this meditation outside in my garden, but it can also be done inside. Take a deep breath in through your nose, hold for a moment, and exhale slowly through your mouth. With each breath, imagine yourself becoming more grounded, connecting deeply with the Earth, and tapping into your co-creation with Gaia. Start to call in and feel the infinite cycle of creation.

Imagine a radiant sphere of light in your Womb Space. As you breathe in, visualize this sphere glowing brighter, and as you exhale, imagine it expanding, sending streams of light upwards, connecting to all the other spheres - chakras - energy centers of your body and aura.

With each inhalation and exhalation, embody that creation is not just a past event but an ongoing, infinite act. Visualize the universe around you, continuously being reborn, reshaped, and reimagined. Visualize yourself being reshaped.

As you are visualizing, chant the Aramaic mantra: "Briyata D'alaha" (Creation of the Divine). Chant this silently or aloud, aligning its rhythm with your breath. With each repetition, let the mantra´s essence penetrate deeper, reinforcing the understanding of the eternal and ongoing act of creation.

Allow yourself to feel at one with this infinite cycle. Know that just as the universe is in a state of perpetual creation, so too are you. Every thought, action, and intention is a part of this eternal dance.

Gradually lessen the intensity of the visualization and mantra repetition. Take a few more deep breaths, savoring the sensation of oneness with the ever-evolving Cosmic Intelligence. When you are ready, gently open your eyes, carrying with you the profound understanding of your place in the endless act of creation.

Take a few moments post-meditation to journal or contemplate your experience. Reflect on the feeling of connectedness and the responsibility and potential that come with being a co-creator in this infinite dance of the Cosmic Intelligence.

As you go about your daily life, be present and aware that creation isn't a one-time event but an ever-present possibility. With every moment, intention, and action, you are actively participating in the divine act of creation.

I hope you enjoy this practice.

In 2024 I will be teaching a course called Aramaic Light Body Activation filled with many meditations along with the teachings of the Aramaic Technology. The pre-requisite to this course is having completed the Aramaic Alchemy Program.

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The image I have shared is from The Biblia de León written in Spain in 960. This edition is very special as it includes many images, some of these images even are of Mother Mary holding a Frame drum. I received a huge activation meditating in this specific image. Let me know what it awakens in you.


Ana Otero

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