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The Soul´s Journey: The Golden Halo

We enter and depart this realm via the Constellation of Cancer, under the vigilant watch of both the Mother and Father – the Moon and Saturn. Together, these celestial entities oversee our journey, guiding the dance of our expansion and contraction. As we dive deep into the soul for healing, recollection, and growth, Saturn eases its hold on the Moon, paving the way for true expansion.

So, what is expansion on a Soul Level. Soul expansion is when our Soul Essence is greater than our physical body. Our physical body has an energy field, and this energy field holds the vibrations and frequencies that we are holding. Also, when we come together with other people, which we do throughout the day, our energy field mixes with that of others. For this reason practices like smuding, cleansing, yoga, meditation, working with crystals, chanting, being in nature, clear our energy fields. Energy Fields must be cleansed daily so we are not influenced by the energies of others and also for the purpose of creating. What you are here to create comes from your Soul Essence and from Alaha (Divine Mother Father).

When the luminosity of our soul radiates past our energy fields we experience true Soul Expansion. How does this happen? A significant part of our Soul Essence resides in the arc line. This is why Holy Teachers like Yeshua, Mother Mary, and Mary Magdalene are often depicted with a golden halo or Arc Line. When the Soul Essence within the arc line merges with our physical experience, we become truly embodied. This harmonious union symbolizes the sacred art of existing as a Divine Human.

The Soul´s Journey is infinite and I will be sharing and creating workshops soon on the Soul´s Journey.

For today, as I write these words, my intention is to guide you into start opening up your Arc Line, activating your Halo.

One of the best practices for this is chanting, and when one chants in a Light Language like Aramaic, the Arc Line activation intensifies. Chanting for at least 15 minutes a day will recalibrate your energy, balance the brain hemispheres and open the Arc Line, allowing more of the Soul Essence to be poured into your body and dwell in your incarnational experience. This is powerful as the Soul knows exactly what we are here to do and manifest. Imagine truly being guided by the Soul.

I have shared an image of a Mudra that we can also practice for 3 minutes. It is challenging so if you get tired you can relax the arms and then place them in the mudra again, as many times needed. The palms are facing down and the left hand is on top of the right.

Sending all of you so much love.


Ana Otero

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