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The Temple of Yeshua

In the month of Cheshvan - Scorpio (the month we are currently in, in this lunar cycle) it is believed that the messiah is supposed to rebuild the Temple. The teachings of Yeshua say that we are the Temple, so this is an indication that there is a rebuilding from the inside out.

Cheshvan is a month that prepares us for the future, as we reflect upon our roots. Anything in our past that is creating an unhealthy mindset can potentially stunt the healthy growth of our weeds from the source – roots in this season. Unhealthy roots are distortions in the way we see ourselves and others. If our identity is wrapped up in an unhealthy root, it will choke any goodness and light that is wanting to grow from our roots to be birthed into the world. Cheshvan is a time given to us to dig up anything that is unhealthy, specially regarding our identity and the beliefs that we hold towards other´s identity.

If all of us were stripped naked in this moment from language, country, gender, religion, any form of identity, what would remain is the essence, the seed, the truth of who we are: Love and Kindness.

The Aramaic – Hebrew letter that we work with in the month of Cheshavan is Nun, Nun represents the 50 gates of understanding and the transcendence of our duality. Nun is the fish, the servant, and is the letter that is connected to Yeshua. Nun is the Cosmic Yoni that allows us to be initiated in the 33 Divine Feminine Wisdom Codes. To access Nun, we must first embody the Aramaic – Hebrew Letter Mem, our lower and upper waters of creation. To embody the Mem we must cleanse and purify the lower dense energies that bring us into destruction and a shadow humanity so the Divine Seed may be nourished by the waters of the Garden of Eden.

In this moment that Humanity faces such a dark night, we cannot turn our heads away from the massacre, terror and killing that is happening, because this, on some level, is what we are carrying within us. The rebuilding of the Temple that is guided by Yeshua must be rebuilt by humanity. We are the Temple. Let us all journey into our inner Temple for rebuilding, and know that we are the architects that are building the New Temple of Humanity.

Our voice is important. Our actions are important. Our prayer is important. Our healing is important. The remembrance of our Unity is important.

Every day, light a candle at 7 pm at night, this is the number of the Holy Spirit, of Shekhinah, and say a prayer. Share images of your candle and your prayer, with loved ones, communities, social media, and hashtag: #templeofpeace

The donations for our monthly Magdalene Shabbat will go partly to the Children we are sponsoring in India with their school, clothing and education, as we have been doing since 2020, and also towards the crisis Israel - Gaza. Your donations are welcomed, needed, and as we gather in sacred Shabbat, we will also be helping those who are suffering and in need of our support.

Click here to join - donate to our monthly Magdalene Shabbat.


Ana Otero

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