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Venus Gate 5. Gate of Personal Power

Today, November 12th, we experience a powerful Venus Gate along with the Pluto and Jupiter Conjunction.

This is Venus Gate 5 and it is the Gate of Power, associated with our personal power. Venus started her descent on July 20, 2020, journeying into different gates which are related to our Chakras seen as gates of initiation. Initiation is a process of death and rebirth so when we descend into these gates we must leave something behind.

In this 5th Venus gate we are asked to reflect upon our POWER and how we have used our power. We are asked to cleanse the moments in which we have expressed a power over and those moments where we have given our power away.

I would like to share some lines from the Gospel of Philip:

He who has received the power to created is a creature; he who has received the power to beget is the son;

he who creates cannot beget;

but he who begets can create.

These words are medicine for this beautiful Venus Gate. Know that true Power comes from the inner knowing that we can gestate, beget, all that we need in our lives. This power makes us whole. When we only see ourselves visibly in the external we may think that we lack something or we need something, and this creates an awakening of Power in its shadow, a need for wanting to hide our fears or lack of trust in ourselves through a power over. And when we give our power away we sacrifice pieces of ourselves in return for the validation of others

Remember that you are whole. As you beget the story of your life, you will uncover many mysteries and make magical discoveries about yourself.

Happy Venus Gate. Today is an opportunity to release the Old Paradigm of Power and awaken your Confidence, Radiance and Generosity.

May the Magdalene Flame guide us every day in every way.


Ana Otero

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