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A Mirror of Our Own Dual Nature. Mercury and the Sun

Message from Mary Magdalene🌹⚜️

The journey of life is a pathway to mastering this realm and facilitating the ascension of your soul. Do not be disheartened by the duality you perceive around you; it exists to remind you of the deep potential for unity. Everything in this existence is interwoven, every shadow complements a light, and every challenge comes with a blessing. You are part of a vast, unitive experience, an interconnected dance of spirits seeking balance and wholeness. Recognize and embrace the polarities for they lead to completion and understanding. I urge you to surrender — not to despair or fall into hopelessness, but to love, to recognize the inherent goodness within you, and the divine grace that envelops us all. I am here, ever-present, guiding you towards the embodiment of the love and unity that you are destined to awaken, remember, experience and deliver.

Mary Magdalene

Channeled by Ana Otero

The convergence of Mercury with the sun on the 6th of September during its retrograde phase offers a profound astral dance that reverberates through the cosmos and into our very souls. When Mercury, often termed the 'Messenger of the Gods', melds with the sun, our source of life and light, it illuminates pathways within us that are often shrouded in shadows during other phases of our lives.

Mercury's retrograde motion, typically a time associated with miscommunication and reflection, takes on a transformative character under the sun's embrace. Instead of merely looking back or reassessing, we are given the opportunity for the sun to cast light on our innermost thoughts, desires, and unresolved issues. This day, within the retrograde phase, often viewed with apprehension, becomes a sanctified period of clarity and profound understanding.

This union of Mercury and the Sun creates a dynamic tension: while the sun urges us to shine and move forward, Mercury retrograde asks us to slow down, reconsider, and resolve.

On a deeper, mystical level, this celestial event can be seen as a mirror of our own dual nature. Just as the sun and Mercury have their dance in the vast cosmos, so too do our conscious and subconscious minds. During this time, we're invited to dive deep, to transcend mere duality, and to find unity in apparent opposition. It's a call to recognize that every ending has a new beginning, every shadow has its source of light, and every challenge can be a portal to a deeper understanding of oneself and the Cosmic Intelligence.

In embracing the energies of this celestial alignment, we not only navigate its challenges but also harness its potential, turning moments of introspection into pathways of enlightenment and personal growth.

Sending so much love to all of you.

Have a radiant day.


Ana Otero

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