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Capricorn New Moon Blessings

Capricorn New Moon Blessings

Happy Shabbat - Venus Day

Today we receive the last New Moon of 2022, a portal of reflection and holy intention for the year to come. As we embrace the last few days of this year, we are also diving into the emptiness of a new promise.

In Gnostic and Biblical Astrology, the Aramaic Letter Ayin created Capricorn. Ayin means Eye and also a Spring of Water in the Desert.The meaning of Eye in Ayin has to do with goodness and karma. The more false layers we peel off of ourselves through commitment, the more goodness we have to share. The Well of Water in the Desert teaches us that no matter how harsh life can seem, there is always hope, and with hope, there is LIFE.

To be able to seed intentions we must become emptied. To be able to construct lasting foundations as Capricorn teaches us, we must commit and show up for ourselves and the force that is driving us to construct and create is always so much vaster than the ego and the mind.

In Latin Capricorn means atonement and refers to bowing down to our sacrificial death. One of the symbols of Capricorn is the Goat - Fish. The ancient hebrews made sacrifices of goats to cleanse their sins and the fish represents the Aramaic Letter Nun, which is the true rebirth in Wisdom, Faith, and Soul. This is the Baptism in Spirit.

During the Cancer Portal we experience the birth of our incarnational experience and in the teachings of the Desert Rose we become baptized with water. It´s Polar Opposite sign symbollizes our birth in spirit as we experience the Death of the Old and the Rebirth into the Goodness of our Soul Essence.

And so we prepare ourselves for a new year, a number 7, the number of Spiritual Perfection and Completeness. What a glrious way to enter 2023!

There are many essential oils that you can use for the Capricorn Season. Today I would like to mention Hyssop Essential Oil. Many books that were left behind by the Arabs and Sephardic Jews during their time in Spain before they were obliged to convert or to exile all mention the use of Hyssop Essential oil to be used during this Portal. There is a very powerful cleansing component in this oil, even more powerful than Sage and Palo Santo. Try it and let me know...

Sending all of you so much love on this New Moon in Capricorn.

Thank you for being part of this Community.


Ana Otero

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