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Creation, Cycles and Receiving

Ahava and Blessings

This morning after my practice, I went to take a walk in the beautiful nature where I live in Spain. It was a particularly windy morning, and living in the mountains means experiencing the intensified force of the wind. Naturally inclined towards the element of water, I initially found the robust winds to be somewhat challenging. However, as I continued my walk, I began to embrace the wind's powerful presence, feeling it purify my energy, the air I breathed into my lungs, and even my thoughts, clearing away any mental clutter. Eventually, I arrived at one of my cherished spots, an ancient well encircled by trees. There, I paused to sit and truly connect with Mother Gaia, allowing myself to deeply feel the embrace of the earth.

As the lunar cycle brings us into the month of Adar under the Piscean influence, we are invited to embrace a profound teaching central to this period: the cultivation of joy. Adar calls us to seek and cherish joy in the small moments of life, urging us to elevate every moment into a sacred experience. This time is characterized by a deliberate shift inward, encouraging us to create a deeper connection with the Divine and to minimize our engagement with the external world. However, this is not a period for retreating into solitude for introspective shadow work; rather, Adar is about recognizing and living in the truth that our most profound source of sustenance and fulfillment is derived directly from the Divine. It prompts us to release the external struggles and to understand that true abundance and nourishment originate from our inner spiritual landscape.

There seems to be a recurring theme in many conversations that revolves around life's various struggles—be it the quest for creativity, manifestation, abundance, love, the desire to conceive, or the pursuit of joy. These endeavors, although sometimes filled with challenges, are not meant to be battles. Each of these states of being is innately present within us, awaiting activation and realization. The journey involves reawakening to these intrinsic qualities and accessing them by learning how to receive.

To embody our role as the Sacred Vessel is to acknowledge our capacity to receive divine light, and in receiving, to transform and multiply this light for the purpose of sharing. The act of receiving in my experience is the most important in transcending struggle. Yet, we must redefine our understanding of 'receiving' beyond the materialistic confines imposed by a western perspective, which often equates receiving with the acquisition of tangible items, money, or gifts. Receiving, in its most spiritual sense, entails opening ourselves to the intangible gifts of the Divine—wisdom, peace, love, and the subtle, yet profound, energies that animate our existence. It is about allowing ourselves to be filled with this celestial light so that we may, in turn, illuminate the path for others.

Receiving is about embracing openness without harboring expectations, dwelling in complete surrender to the immediacy of now, with the understanding that the Divine Mother enfolds us in her embrace at every instant. Recall the words Yeshua imparted to those he healed: "Ephatah," which means "be open..." This invites us to unlock our hearts and minds to the infinite possibilities and divine support available to us in each moment, fostering a deep connection to the sacredness of the present.

Embracing openness creates a spaciousness that allows the Soul to manifest her essence more freely; with openness, constraints diminish, enabling us to extend our focus beyond ourselves. This profound internal connection then mirrors into our relationships and life experiences, enriching them. Openness not only grants us insight into our Soul's desires and the manifestations we aspire to achieve but also invites the mysteries of the unknown to unfold before us. It is within this realm of the uncharted that the true magic of existence resides.

The month of Adar, under the Pisces sign, brings forth the theme of unveiling the concealed. This process of uncovering hidden truths gifts us with wisdom, propelling us into a new phase of our journey—an elevated expression of our earthly presence. To witness the unveiling of the obscured, one must remain open, embrace faith, and perceive challenges not as obstacles but as necessary passages for growth.

In the teachings of Mary Magdalene found in her Gospel, she talks about the "True Human" that dwells within us all. This true human, an embodiment of our Soul, becomes apparent in moments of openness and receptivity, revealing the purest expression of our being.

However, what obstructs this sacred channel of receiving light as vessels of the divine? It is judgment, fear, scarcity, a sense of separation, speaking bad about others, egoism, selfishness, and an incessant drive to act. These barriers hinder our capacity to receive and embody the light, distancing us from our true essence and the profound connections we are meant to forge with the world around us.

This Adar, let us be open to receive, to embrace the joy and sacredness in every moment, and to cultivate a deeper communion with the Divine. By doing so, we step into our role as conduits of light, transcending the struggles of the material world and tapping into the infinite reservoir of spiritual nourishment and abundance that dwells within.

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Sending love to all of you.


Ana Otero

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