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Creative Power Made Conscious

Mary Magdalene teaches us Shela, Prayer as a Spiritual Practice through the Expression of Communion with the Creative Chanel.

From the moment of our birth we are endowed with everything we need in our present incarnation. We embody absolutely everything. We sometimes look at that which we lack, yet if we embody everything then we are taking our energy to pay attention to something that really doesn´t exist instead of focusing on what does exist: WE EMBODY ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING.

Making Shela a spiritual practice transforms our relationship with prayer. We are no longer asking for or reciting randomly, we are giving thanks to all that we are, embody, contain and have the potential to deliver.

Prayer in the form of Shela allows us to say yes to ALAHA (Divine Mother Father). Many of the qualities that we think we lack are hiding behind the shadows that we have not danced with. Prayer in the form of Shela is also acceptance of all of the parts of ourselves.

Shela is the Milta (word). We read in the Gospel of John:

“In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God,”

The true Aramaic translation for Milta (Word) , is the creative power made conscious.

Shela as the creative expression asks us to seal the Akasha with our energy. Dance, Movement, Mudras, Chanting, affect the Akasha in the same way that Sound Vibration impulses Milta. Every ritual that contains Prayer in the form of Movement, Drumming, Sound, Chanting, Recitation, leaves traces in the Akasha. Prayer in the for of Shela is immediately heard and answered as the manifestation of the Conscious Expression of the Milta: THE CREATIVE POWER MADE CONSCIOUS.


Ana Otero

Desert Rose Teachings

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