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Equinox Blessings

Happy Equinox and New Moon Blessings

In the Northern Hemisphere we celebrate the Spring - Ostara and I have been blessed to live in a land that has so much light. These last weeks we have experienced such beautiful weather and being able to walk barefoot on the land, observing how all of the flowers have emerged from the Womb of Mother Earth, showing me the power of life, the power to create.

In Gnostic - Biblical Astrology we enter the month of Nissan, which is the month of Miracles. (Aries Lunar Cycle). A Miracle is about transcending the natural order of things, the predictable patterns of life, the assumptions and presumptions and even projections. Miracles challenge us, as we need to be open to receive them, we must take steps across the threshold of the unknown, to walk where we never thought we could, and to shed what was, in order to enable the emergence of what is wanting to be gifted to us.

If you feel enslaved to a particular life situation that is keeping you from growing, improving, evolving, or perhaps you are in a relationship or career that does not nurture you but rather drains you, then this is the month to evaluate your situation and prepare yourself to dare to make a change, thus experiencing a liberation and a leap of Faith into the unknown.

When we leave what no longer serves us behind, there can be a feeling of anxiety over leaving that which has been so familiar and therefore, leaving a sense of safety and security. Fear of stepping out to the unknown, while letting go of the security of what was, is to be expected, and the Miracle Month of Nissan is pushing us to take a leap of Faith.

The herb for the month of Nissan is Balsam. Balsam removes the layers that veil us, that conceal our deepest truths, leaving us naked with our authenticity. Balsam helps us liberate ourselves from patterns and helps us strip ourselves down to the core of our personal truth. This herb is also helpful to use when we feel overwhelmed, overshadowed by all that is coming at us in life.

Balsam was also used in shamanic journeying to bring back someone who might have gotten stuck in a journey.

Balsam strips us of all superficiality, all ego, and reduces us to our bare essential self, our essence.

If you feel stuck , get some balsam oil and apply it over that part of your body where you feel the most anxiety about your next journey.

In Gnostic - Biblical Astrology, the Covenant is activated. I have created a curated practice and activation to honor the energies of this Lunar Cycle: Awakening the Jerusalem Template. The link is in the video if you would like to go deep into this cycle and experience the ancient wisdom teachings of The Desert Rose.

Happy Equinox and New Moon Blessings


Ana Otero

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