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Equinox Blessings and a Joyful Mabon

How are you living the change of the seasons? It is always a time to marvel when we witness the cyclicality of our Mother Earth. I can feel the Equinox energy preparing us for something very powerful.

On Mabon, the Autumn Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere, day and night are the same length and Mother Earth makes a sacred pause in her rotation around the Sun. In the Celtic Wheel of the Year, this day is celebrated as Mabon. Mabon is considered a time of mysteries. It is a time to honor the gods and goddesses of the sun, the harvest, and the spirit world. This sacred pause is a time of balance, to stop and reflect, to enjoy the abundance of our harvests (whether from the material, the sentimental, work or our personal achievements) and also to prepare for the next cycle , grasping the gifts of darkness to release, let go, give away, share, and cast (whether physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual). At this time we give thanks and honor the Goddess in her transition from Mother to Wise Woman. We appreciate everything experienced and honor what needs to be released.

We can harness the power of this Holy Day in our own lives and also be initiators of the necessary change that the world so badly needs right now. We can offer others the abundance of love from our hearts, and offer the gifts of respect, kindness, honor and peace to everyone we meet. We can contribute our energy in gratitude to the earth, to the spirit world and to all humanity.

Fall is known as the time of "harvest", a time when we reap the benefits of all the seeds we have sown. What is often left unnoticed about a harvest is that there is no growth without destruction. Conceptually, it comforts us to know that there is no day without night. However, when we take a look at our own personal experiences that we often don't like, we need to realize that in order to change these experiences or release them, we need to experience a little death.

The growth process itself is chaotic. Once a seed is planted in the earth, it must shed its first layers and push the totality of its inner essence out of itself and allow it to mesh with the dark earth. The growth process is transformative, sometimes it is scary and many times we have to lose what we think we are to be what we are destined to be. If an apple seed only looked like a seed, it would be terrifying when its transformation began to occur. However, if the apple seed knows that it must first enter the dark to become the apple, it trusts its process, no matter how dark or painful circumstances it experiences.

We are afraid of the dark because of its uncertainty, but it is this very darkness that starts our growth. Trusting in ourselves and in the accompaniment of the Divine Mother helps us to see life from a different perspective. We are able to see that life is woven in such an intricate and beautiful way that even what seems like it was destined for its demise turns out to be what helps us reach our full potential. There are certain seeds in nature that depend on the same destruction and darkness that come with a fire. The mighty redwood tree needs the heat of fire to grow and regenerate!

This is the moment of what I call a Crisis in Consciousness. When we really internalize, we begin to realize that we are ready for something new. What we have been doing, thinking, being ... no longer serves us. And when we are synchronized with the Cycles of the Earth, the Moon, the Cosmos, the Divine Mother herself is our Teacher. The new direction that we started almost a year ago has already arrived at its destination. We may feel a little restless, a little sad, because we know that we need to experience a death.

May the Magdalene Flame guide you every day in every way.


Ana Otero

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