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Magdalene Shabbat Blessings

Within each of us lies the spark of infinity, a fragment of the eternal flame that is neither confined by flesh nor stifled by the finite. Our spiritual journey is not a path of constriction but one of ceaseless unfolding. We are never ending.

To remember our infinity is to awaken to the reality of the Malkootah, the Kingdom that is not a distant realm but a living, breathing presence within us. It is to recognize that the sacred energy we seek is not beyond reach but coursing through us, waiting to be realized and expressed in the fullness of our daily life.

When we embody this truth, we become a living vessel of the divine, a conduit through which the sacredness of the higher realms pours into our earthly experience. Our every action, word, and breath lives this truth, and our mission expands beyond the seen, touching the hearts and souls of all we encounter.

In the remembrance of our Infinity, we reclaim our power to live not just within the kingdom but as the kingdom, transforming every moment into an act of sacred creation.

Today is our monthly online Magdalene Shabbat, one of my favourite times of the month. If you would like to participate, CLICK HERE to register.


Ana Otero

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Compassionate Gratitude & Appreciation to you Beloved Ana for Blessings us all with your Loving Grace of the Divine powerful teachings as well as your Beautiful Magdalene Shabbat. 🙏🕊️🌹🕊️🙏 Bless you 💖 Love ♥️ Peace 🕊️ Light ✨ Gratitude 🙏 Blessings 💖AHAVA🪬🕊️🌹🕊️🪬

Replying to

Bless you always Ellen for your beautiful words. Your presence means so much to me. AHAVA

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