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Mary Magalene: The Rhythm of your Own Infinity

Having eyes does not necessarily mean that you can see. Having ears does not mean that you can hear. Although you can look out into the world and see all that is around you, while at the same time hearing the various sounds that are created, to truly see and hear is to dwell in the hiddenness, in the unknown.

You came to Earth because Alaha desired to have an expression through you. Your Soul is part of Alaha and longs to remember oneness and unity with all, yet at the same time your Soul divinely knows that you come here to play out a part. Take a moment to forget about your karmas, your past lives, the experiences you have had in this life. Release all of this. Release the identity of who you have made yourself to be. Now you are the purity and truth of your Soul, a Soul that comes from the Light, that is the Light, and that is here to express Light.

When you are aware of your Soul Essence and can actually embody this awareness, your life is experienced and manifested through the UNKNOWN, though Infinity. From this space you realize that your presence is here to illuminate the darkness.

You spend so much time in your incarnation looking to find the meaning of why you are here, wanting to know what your mission is. This is something you cannot know through the mind, this is something you acquire and have access to when the Soul is invested in all that you do.

How much of your soul is invested in what you do? How much truth and heart goes into everything you do and love? You invest time and money to manifest and create, yet without investing the soul in all that you experience and deliver, your expression here is not complete.

Your body may seem like a determined form occupying space, but you are actually spaceless. When you root yourself in the hiddenness, in the infinity, and invest your soul in all that you do, you will no longer feel that you are bound to just the realm of the physical which is what you see.

Remember that your Soul is rooted in the Eternal. This is your truth. Transcend the limiting reality that you have created.

Become the observer of the rhythm of your own infinity.

You are in Alaha and Alaha is within you.

Mary Magdalene

Channeled by Ana Otero

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Ana Otero

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