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Mary Magdalene Channeling. The Divine Name

The Divine Name is in every particle of existence. The Divine name can be found in the Vibration that is sound, and all sound - vibration is part of the whole vibration of the universe. As you were not taught to recognize your own body as a Divine Vessel, you have disconnected from the sound that your body co creates with the Universe. Through sound and vibration you can directly connect to other living creatures and to the whole cosmos. The practice of sound will help you achieve a balance between the individual and the communal that expresses the balance that exists between earth and heaven.

Your sound has a rhythm and your rhythm creates an impression which expands as an experience and a vibration which seeks to co create with the heavenly. If your vibration attunes with the Divine Name this is the Noohra, the light of intelligence, without this your body is just a corpse that lives but does not breath the true breath of the Holy Spirit.

Your sound trickles to the past and pushes forward into the future, so as you remain present in the practice of Sound you will release your past and seed your future.

Did you know that the worlds of Heaven and Earth cross their boundaries continuously? The Divine Name present in your Sound - Vibration, the Noohra, is what will unite the Holy Wisdom born through the Divine Child of Spirit and Matter.

Mary Magdalene

Channeled by Ana Otero

Remember that you are love and infinitely held by the Divine Mother - Father. Abwoon D´bshmaya May the Magdalene Flame guide us every day in every way. Ahava, Ana Otero

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