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Mary Magdalene Channeling. The Sacred Creation

You live in a sacred Universe where all things and all beings should be respected, as Alaha created the Universe by becoming the Universe, you are in Alaha and Alaha is in you. Your Physicality is an important vehicle. When your body is trained and disciplined, it ceases to be an obstacle for spiritual progress, it becomes a warm dwelling place of the soul. When your soul feels comfortable in your body, you know you are part of the earth and the cosmic intelligence. This helps you be in tune with the natural world, to sense all the love that went into its creation.

Remember that you are the Children of the Light and you came from the Light. Alaha planted within each of you a longing for the Light, so that even when you are lost in illusion and veiling, each of you will be able to find a path leading back to your truth, to your essence, to your Soul.

When you pass through the Holy Vessel of your physical mother in each incarnation, you are veiled, you forget and are not aware that you are great Beings of Light. As life moves in time, those of you who feel that something is missing or those of you who feel the calling to go into deep spiritual practice, you start to remember.

This act of remembering must not stay only as a knowing, it must be a knowing filled with Fire, as the fire of Christ Consciousness must arise in your heart as you burn and transmute all that is not LIGHT.

The act of remembering requires you to surrender all that is Matter, your body, your home, your life, to Spirit. In this surrendering Matter will go back to its root, which is Light. Then you will be once again be the CHILDREN of THE LIGHT.

As you evolve into the Children of the Light, remember that all of Physical Creation is the work of Alaha. Through a balanced expression of your physical existence you learn and grow spiritually. See every day as a teaching. Make space to understand the teachings that you have chosen and are choosing. Your physical experience forms part of your spiritual journey, the journey of the soul, and the journey of your sacred partnership with ALAHA.

Mary Magdalene

Channeled by Ana Otero


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