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Mary Magdalene Channeling. The Soul has Many Dwellings

True Power is when you embrace and cultivate the hidden energy that comes from your essence. Before your Soul descended to the Earth, you were given unique tools and talents. Your Soul did not only come here to complete a task or to correct a past life, the creator desired that you existed to fulfill a particular role, thus you were given Divine Gifts. Without your presence in this incarnation, Creation would not be complete. Part of your task is to learn how to utilize these tools.

Deep within your soul lie the seeds that are cultivated when your heart is warm and your intentions are holy. As you cultivate and nurture these seeds, you awaken in an energetic fertility and your heart remembers the Desire of the Creator. In this space so many hidden powers are discovered.

The Human Experience is full of Mystery as you are infinite within. You take many journeys in one lifetime so as to discover the Divine Tools that have been given to you.

The soul has many dwellings. Depending on the powers it must discover and grow into, it will be given the skills to fulfill its role.

A soul may dwell in the body of a healer that shares his her- gifts of healing. A soul may dwell in the body of a dreamer, a visionary that inspires people and brings innovation to the world. A Soul may dwell in the body of a Leader that wants to bring a positive change to the world. A soul may dwell in the body of a Mother that has come to nurture her children and family. A soul may dwell in the body of a street cleaner that desires Mother Earth to be clean and takes care of her. A Soul may dwell in the body of a muse that inspires people. It is not really about the role that the soul takes when the soul dwells in a body, it is about how the soul cultivates and delivers the role.

To be powerful is to be humble, to bend down into your knees and be grateful for the power of Light Creation you hold and the gifts that you have been given. Alaha could have given these to anyone, yet he chose you to carry them, deliver and shine light to those around you with your tools.

During the lifetime of the body and soul, there is a purpose the body and soul must fulfill together.

You must give expression to your soul as you fulfill your journey here on Earth.


Mary Magdalene

Channeled by Ana Otero

Book: Mary Magdalene and the Teachings of the desert Rose

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