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Mary Magdalene: Light Codes of Ascension

Beloved Souls,

The energies of ascension have become ever more powerfully anchored upon the Earth. These energies pulsate below your feet as you walk on Mother Earth and they are in the air you breathe. These energies are not far off in distant realms; they are here, now, waiting for you to grasp and integrate them into the very core of your being. This is the Light from which you come from.

Your heart must be open to fully receive these Light Codes of Ascension. Your heart holds a space of immeasurable significance. It is infinite in its capacity, radiant in its essence. Often, you create boundaries for your heart. You think that by exposing your infinity you will lose your self, but let me assure you that the heart knows no such limits. The heart´s infinite potential to love transcends the bounds of human understanding.

In your journey, always remember that separation and fear are but mere illusions. They are shadows cast by the ego, creating divisions where none truly exist. At the heart of all life, truth resonates in the harmonious song of unity. Every soul, every heartbeat, every whispered dream is infused with cosmic love and oneness. To the extent that fear and separation dissolves, your Heart Chamber opens.

In this moment that you are living, your heart is asking you to flow with the changes that your soul desires. You may feel stuck and at the same time fear movement.

Change is not a force to be feared. It is the very essence of growth and evolution. Clinging to the familiar, remaining in stagnation, only dims the radiant light within you. Embrace change as you would a beloved. For if you always remain the same, you deny yourself the myriad of experiences and lessons that bring depth, color, and expansion to your soul's journey. A life untouched by change may seem secure, but it risks becoming mundane and uninspired.

I urge you to open your hearts, minds, and spirits. Receive the energies of ascension with grace and gratitude. Step into the infinite possibilities that you are and remember your divine nature. You are not mere mortals; you are infinite beings of light, capable of miracles, love, and boundless creativity.

Walk the path of truth and unity, and as you do, know that you are never alone. Alaha and the Ascended Masters are always by your side, guiding, loving, and illuminating your way. I am always by your side, guiding you as you fully awaken.

Mary Magdalene

Channeled by Ana Otero


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