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Mary Magdalene Message. Your Journey is Sacred


Beloved Souls,

I come forth from the realms of radiant, Divine Love. Within the depths of your being, recognize yourselves as cherished bearers of the Voice of Creation, born from the very Essence of the Divine.

Your journey is sacred, an intimate dance between your human self and your soul. Remember, you are not separate from your soul but in a sacred relationship with your soul. She is your true essence, a beacon of pure light and love within you.

I invite you to embrace all of who you are. Honor both your light and shadow, your strengths and vulnerabilities, for they are all part of your unique divine blueprint. As you accept these different parts of yourself, a sacred balance begins to unfold.

In these transformative times, powerful celestial energies are anchoring into the Earth Grid. These energies offer a profound opportunity for growth and transformation. Use them to transmute fear into love, chaos into peace, and separation into unity.

Your words, your intentions, your chants and prayers in Sacred Light Language are potent and are contributing to this planetary shift. Continue to share your unique vibrational signature, for it is a vital part of this transformation. Each chant, each prayer, echoes through the collective, rippling out to touch all corners of the Cosmic Existence.

I am nearer to you than ever before. I dwell within you and envelop you, an unwavering companion on your spiritual pilgrimage. Welcome me into your being, and you shall experience my guidance and love at the deepest levels.

Trust in your innate ability to navigate these times. You are powerful, you are divine, and you are infinitely loved. Remember, we are all interconnected in this grand cosmic dance.

Keep your heart open, embrace your sacred journey, and know that you are contributing to the Divine Plan unfolding on Earth at this moment.

Mary Magdalene

Channeled by Ana Otero


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