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Mary Magdalene, we ask for your Help

Mary Magdalene, embodiment of the Shekhinah, of the Divine Feminine and sacred vessel of ancient wisdom, Together with all emanations of the Divine Mother and the eternal Feminine Presence, We invoke your boundless compassion and grace.

Descend upon us with your gentle embrace, Mend the deep wounds that have scared and are scarring so many souls, The aching hearts that mourn the irreplaceable losses, The countless tears shed for beloveds lost and times forever changed.

In this moment, Where pain and loss weave patterns too complex to comprehend, We seek your guiding light, your unwavering love, To illuminate our path, to hold humanity in these dark hours.

Grant humanity the fortitude to stand amidst the storms, The resilience to rebuild from the ashes, And the profound strength to find peace and healing, In the arms of love and the promise of a new dawn.

O Mary Magdalene, light of hope and sanctuary of solace, may humanity be renewed and transformed, in love, light, and unity.

Image from the Desert Rose Oracle Cards.





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