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Shabbat Message: Mystical Sexuality

Ahava and Blessings,

I am wishing all of you a magically consecrated Shabbat Day.

The marriage between the human soul and the divine lover represents a creative union of the human self with its transpersonal counterpart. The soul symbolizes the subjective capacity to feel and experience reality, the capacity for consciousness. By uniting with the Alaha of love, the soul gains a permanent connection with the abiding source of all life and love. In the symbolism of the sacred marriage, a return to the original wholeness is achieved.

The Mystical Path of Divine Union shows us that as above so below, so within, so without.

The way sexuality was lived in the Christ Community was very similar to the Great Mystics who longed for Divine Union with Alaha, as to be able to go into Sacred Marriage physically with your beloved in order to create light and to be light, the Sexual Erotic Relationship must be first with Alaha.

In the Christ Path, Mystical Union and Mystical Sexuality first begins with a love affair and a Sacred Marriage with Shekhinah, the Divine Feminine Presence. If we cannot come into Holy Communion with our Soul and with Shekhinah, in our relationships there can be a longing and a sense of being incomplete. Shekhinah is the Bridge to marry Alaha.

In the Desert Rose Teachings, practices were Sacred and were seen as powerful technologies that would bring the Soul into Union with Alaha. These practices were various forms of ecstatic prayer: Chanting, Dancing, Praying, Playing the Drums and other Instruments, Specific poses of the Aramaic Letters, an Aramaic Yoga, Whirling. We must remember that in this part of the world the Body was used as an instrument of prayer and as a vehicle that could be awakened and unified with the Eternal One through spiritual practice. Another powerful practice was engaging in a conversation with Alaha. This is something I have been experiencing in the past years and as I speak to Alaha, I know that the answers - replies come through messages throughout the day.

On this Shabbat day I offer to this beautiful and loving community an Aramaic Mantra:

שלמתה . Shalemteh

Meaning: Peace and Potential from the Beginning – The experience of Union in the essence of


This mantra brings us back into the state of conception, when we were in the wombs of our mothers, and activates a remembering of divine union, of completeness, of love.

As we chant or vibrate this mantra, we are seeded with the divine frequencies of completeness. The Vessel and the Light become one in Mystical Sexuality.

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Sending all of you so much love.

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Shabbat Blessings.


Ana Otero

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