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Mother Anna Novena! Happy Feast Day of Mother Anna

Ahava and Blessings on this 26 of July!

Today is the Feast day of Mother Anna, mother of Mary and Grandmother of Yeshua.

Mother Ana tells us about the Immaculate Conception, what is known as Light Conception and is the guardian of these codes. The ascension process that humanity and our planet is going through is a cosmic pregnancy since the alchemy of light is transmuting our bodies, emotions, and mind. The great work of spiritualizing matter is already manifesting as we are imbued with Divine light. We are experiencing chaotic labor pains, living insecure and changing times. Everything is part of the conception of the Christ light and the sacred birth that we are called to carry out and manifest.

Today we celebrate you, Mother Anna, so that you may guide us with your wisdom and become present again in the collective transformation.

9 days of Novena to Mother Anna.

Day 1 July 26

Mother Ana, I surrender to you and I place myself under your great maternal care when beginning this novena in your honor. Please listen to my prayers and requests.

Help me to begin this time of prayer with an open heart to the loving grace of the Mother Father. Give me the strength to start a life in the path of light. I ask that you help me receive the spirit of prayer, humility and unconditional love. On this first day I ask that my physical - energetic womb (men) be the sacred chalice that receives the presence of the supernal light.

On this day 1 of the Novena, sing the Ave Maria with your hands on your heart. On this day may your attention and intention be of unity. When projection or separation comes, acknowledge it and redirect your attention to Unity and Unconditional Love. PRAY, CHANT, INVOKE MOTHER ANNA AND KNOW THAT SHE IS LISTENING TO YOU AND GIFTING YOU WITH HER BLESSINGS.


Ana Otero

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