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Mystical Mercury Retrograde

After an intense and magical weekend teaching Magdalene Womb Yoga and experiencing the Dragon Womb in our sessions, I feel blessed to be able to communicate with you regarding Mercury Retrograde. There is so much information out there on this retrograde and my intention is not to repeat what you can easily find, my intention is to share with you how to work with the Mystical Laws of this Retrograde.

Mercury, the Holy Messenger , just as is Hermes, Thoth, Metatron, comes to a stop and weA are forced to contain energy, at least to learn how to contain energy.

We are in communication with everything and everyone around us. We must open up to these sacred dialogues, whether they be energetic or verbal.

We are asked to look at our communication, all of the partnerships that we are in consciously and to become aware of all things Gemini when it comes to Communication.

I was given a very powerful message from Sarah Tamar about how this Mercury Retrograde is about Healing our sexual energy to connect with the Power of Creation.

When I received this message with the following sound code from Sarah Tamar that I will share with you, I couldn´t understand exactly how to connect Mercury with sexuality, and then I remembered the Caduceus and how in Alchemy Mercury represents this purification process. Just as a reminder, the cadeceus is a staff with two intertwined serpents and at the top they are open. The two serpents represent the opposing magnetic energies of male and female, positive and negative. The serpents travel up the staff, a symbol of the spinal column, to unfold the wings of spirit. Mercury as a messenger inside of ourselves will help us connect and balance our sexuality with our heart and mind. This will help us overcome duality and conflict within, which will help us focus on a balance of the inner and outer. This balance creates a Sacred Unity that allows us to be Creation. There is no limiting beliefs when we are in Creation, there is no EGO when we are in Creation.

Remember to pause in this portal between May 29th and June 22nd and listen, pay attention to all of the messages coming in. Trust yourself.


Sound Code from Sarah Tamar: Ech-Pa-Sem-La

The CH is a very strong H.

You can sing and repeat this sound to connect with the Frequency of purified sexuality, the essence of Cosmic Virginity.

Blessings and love to all of you.


Ana Otero

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