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Sarah La Kali

Many years ago I joined gypsies from all over the world and headed to Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer in the South of France to pay homage to Saint Sarah. According to oral tradition, Sarah was a gypsy who lived in a small seaside town and she received Mary Magdalene and those traveling with her by boat as they escaped persecution by the Romans.

The Vatican has never canonized Saint Sarah, yet her statue is carried in procession as far as the sea, through narrow streets filled with roses. This celebration is so beautiful and it involves music, dancing, feasting, singing, praying and being in community.

It is easy to identify Sarah as another of the many Black Madonnas to be found in the world. It is said that Sara-la-Kali came from a noble Gypsy lineage and that she knew the secrets of the world. For me she is a Black Madonna, a powerful Manifestation of the Goddess of Creation.

It is believed that Sarah Tamar, the daughter of Mary Magdalene and Yeshua, arrived to France with her Mother Mary Magdalene along with the other refugees. Some believe that Sara la Kali and Sarah Tamar are the same person, and some believe that they are different. It really doesn´t matter as Sarah Tamar is within Sara La Kali and and Sara la Kali is within Sarah Tamar. They both represent the Gypsy Codes of Liberation.

We all know that Gypsies are free and are known for transgressing the established norms. Through this Gypsy Frequency Sarah Tamar teaches us the importance of love above all the prohibitions and taboos that we know so well, as they have been handed down to us through generations. Any time there is a group of people who seek soul sovereignty over control, Sarah Tamar is there to guide us. She teaches us that yes, the Holy Books are important and encoded with hidden messages, yet the cult of nature contains far more wisdom as the Divine Mother, the Goddess, is in everything and everything is part of HER. Sarah Tamar unites Mystically the Cosmic Mother with the Earth Mother, and she teaches us that there is no difference between creator and creature. She is teaching us now that it is time to stop trying to decipher the Mystery of Life, but rather, it is time to take part in the Mystery of life.

God is Mother and Father, just as Yeshua taught. God´s face as Mother wants us to join together and worship her through rites that satisfy her feminine soul, such as dancing, prayer, singing, music, peace, life, creation, sacred union and beauty.

We are experiencing a very important moment in Humanity as Spirit integrates with Matter, and Sarah Tamar is here to guide us in this Holy Communion. She is Cosmic, and she is Druid, She is Pure Energy and Vibration and She is a Gypsy Dancing barefoot, allowing her stomping feet to awaken the womb and heart of Gaia.

In 2022 I will be bringing more Sacred Dance Practice through Sacred Gypsy Flamenco so as to allow the Body to experience Sara la Kali - Sarah Tamar, the Black Light of creation, the yearning of our soul to be completely embodied and connected to the Earth Star Chakra. Let us celebrate life through music, dance, prayer and a sacred transgression so as to awaken our Spiritual Sovereignty.

Let us continuously restore our trust in our beautiful unique life journey. Let us purify our hearts to reflect more light upon one another and upon all creation.

In His and Her Holy Name.


Ana Otero

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