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Shabbat Message: Ecstatic Prayer

“Before He (Yeshua) was arrested by the lawless Jews, who were governed by the lawless serpent, He gathered us (the disciples) around Him and said: ‘Before I am handed over to them, let us sing a hymn to God and walk towards that which awaits us’. After which He asked us to take each other by the hand and form a circle. He placed Himself in the middle of the circle and said: ‘You should answer with Amen’. Following this He began to sing a hymn and to recite. Acts of John Dance, Ritual Movement and Sacred Sound form the basis of the Ecstatic Prayer of Yeshua and Mary Magdalene for the purpose of arriving at Yesodic States of Consciousness and for merging into Oneness. Movement and Sound affect the energy field around us, within us and the Akasha.

Rituals that contains movement, prayer, chanting, drumming, immediately leave an imprint in Akasha. These Sound and Sacred Geometry Prayers are immediately answered because when we incorporate our Body in Prayer, we learn to listen. We understand our connection to all that is and we recognize all of the signs around us and messages that are being delivered to us. One of the most important aspects of PRAYER is to be able to listen as our direction must be focused inwards and outwards, just like a Sacred Dance Movement Meditation.

We are in the month of Nes, the month of Miracles, under the influence of the Zodiacal frequency Sagittarius, which was created by the Aramaic Letter Samech. Samech is the Circle, it is prayer in movement, just like the Sufis, it is Prayer through Sacred Sound, and ritual infused with intention.

Today we gather together in our online monthly Magdalene Shabbat. We consecrate, we pray, we chant, we dance, we listen and we receive.

Sending so much love to all of you on this Shabbat - Venus Day.


Ana Otero

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