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Shabbat Message: Revealing Greater Light

Many of us misunderstand the nature of darkness, often rushing to dispel it without recognizing its potential. The truth, however, is that our blessings are often constrained not by the presence of darkness but by our unawareness of the profound Light or energy it contains. Within every moment of pain or shadow, no matter how minor or intense, lies an energy ripe for transformation. It is only through engaging with and transforming this darkness that we can unearth true blessings. Without the Light and energy residing within the darkness, the greater Light cannot be unveiled.

As we prepare ourselves for the powerful Pesach Portal, let us honor this Shabbat, allowing the Light we receive from Shekhinah and Mary Magdalene as the embodiment of the Shekhinah, to take us from bondage into Freedom.



Ana Otero

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