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The Living Waters

Gratitude overflows for each soul who graced our Magdalene Desert Rose Community Gathering. Together, we delved into the mystical essence of Ash Wednesday, tracing the path Yeshua embarked upon after his baptism by Yohannan, as he journeyed into the desert for 40 days to confront and release that which did not serve the highest good. The desert is not solely a physical space but also an inner state of being. It is a place where we are pared back to our spiritual core, urged to relinquish the false securities of life for their alchemical transformation. In the raw intensity of the desert, we discover a portal leading to the expansive embrace of Alaha, the Divine Mother-Father, and experience sacred intimacy with Divine Presence.

In the empty silence of the desert, Yeshua sought the Living Waters, symbolizing the Divine Feminine Presence—Lady Wisdom, Shekhinah, the Holy Spirit. It is within Her nurturing waters that our deepest thirst is satiated. As we enter the 40-day period known in the Desert Rose teachings as Mayim B'Alma and Lent in Christianity, let us commit to seeking the inner wellspring each of us holds, awakening the profound wisdom and healing that reside within.

In our Magdalene Desert Rose Community Gathering I spoke about some teachings of St Teresa of Ávila regarding "Water".

Saint Teresa of Avila, in her work "The Interior Castle," describes the soul's journey towards divine union using the metaphor of a garden that requires watering to grow. This allegory of the garden represents the soul, while the water symbolizes prayer. St. Teresa of Ávila outlines four stages of watering this spiritual garden, each reflecting a deeper level of prayer and intimacy with Alaha (Divine Mother - Father).

  1. Drawing Water by Hand: The first stage is like drawing water from a well using a bucket. It is laborious and represents the early efforts in prayer, which require personal exertion and discipline. This stage of vocal prayer and meditation is the beginning of the soul's conscious work towards spiritual growth, where the fruits of prayer are not yet easily attained, and personal effort is necessary.

  2. The Water Wheel: The second stage involves the use of a water wheel, a more efficient method, which draws water with less effort than the bucket. This symbolizes a transition to a more contemplative prayer where the soul experiences moments of quietude and the prayer becomes less discursive and more about the affectionate awareness of Alaha's presence. The soul still works, but with the help of grace, the prayer becomes more effortless.

  3. The Running Stream: The third stage is likened to a garden irrigated by a running stream—a much less laborious method than the previous two. This stage corresponds to the prayer of recollection, where the soul begins to withdraw from worldly concerns and enters a state of deeper contemplation, experiencing a more profound and absorbing union with Divine Presence. The soul's efforts are now more about maintaining the state of inner stillness and being receptive to the movements of the Spirit.

  4. Rain from Heaven: The fourth and highest stage of prayer is compared to rain falling from heaven to water the garden effortlessly. This stage represents the prayer of union or mystical prayer, where Alaha's presence pervasively and abundantly saturates the soul. It is characterized by a complete surrendering of the self to Alaha's will, profound peace, and an almost passive reception of divine grace. The soul at this stage is entirely filled with Divine Presence.

Prayer is a conversation, a relationship, an inner journey to the Soul. Prayer is a sacred technology that awakens the Light Body.

In the Gospel of Mary Magdalene, although she does not directly mention water, She

does discuss the journey of the soul and overcoming the powers that try to impede the Soul´s progress. This is connected to the notion of water as a cleansing, purifying, and life-giving force, where the soul must be cleansed of its passions and darkness to ascend to a higher state of consciousness.

Let us follow the foot steps of Yeshua and enter our own Desert, having Faith that in the most arid places within us we find a Sacred Well, an infinite Source of water.

Yesterday we sang together in our Community Gathering the healing Mantra Ana El Na Refa Na La. If you would like to start a 40 day practice with this healing mantra you can click on the links below.

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Sending so much love to all of you.


Ana Otero

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