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The Power of Aramaic

At nineteen, amidst the scholarly corridors of my university, a simple flyer caught my eye. It spoke of a talk on the Dead Sea Scrolls, a term that was then foreign to me. Curiosity led me to attend the related talk and I was instantly captivated by the mention of Aramaic—the language of Yeshua. This encounter ignited a flame within me, a yearning to delve into this ancient tongue. During my university years, I dedicated myself to studying Aramaic, immersing in its depths for a year before my academic journey led me to explore Dance Movement Therapy and Expressive Arts.

The call for a deeper understanding of Movement and Prayer led me towards research for my PhD in Egypt, drawing me back to the lands of the desert mystics and great teachers. My research explored ecstatic prayer, specifically how movement and dance within the cultures of the Middle East, Near East and India served as vital expressions of spirituality. I lived in the Middle East for 9 transformative years, during which the teachings of the Desert whispered secrets of the Mystery Teachings of the Christ. It was in the silent, expansive desert of Oman that I experienced my first apparition of Mary Magdalene. In that profound moment, I understood my mission: to share the frequencies of the Magdalene and Christ through Creative Spirituality and Aramaic.

Since 2011, Aramaic has been part of my daily life, becoming a sacred practice that nurtures my soul. Driven by a desire to deepen this connection, I embarked on further studies, pursuing a degree in Aramaic four years ago. This holy language, I've come to believe, holds transformative power—the power to heal, awaken, and transcend, reconnecting us to our origins and to the essence of sound. Through our voices, we invoke the Holy Spirit and embrace the blessings the Divine Feminine Presence gifts us through the Creation Frequencies of Aramaic..

Aramaic is the language of creation, the language of the Light, our true Mother Tongue.

You can watch the video below where I speak about Aramaic.


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