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Venus Gate at 13 Degrees Virgo. Message from Mary Magdalene

Today Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio at 11 degrees kicks in and at the same time we go into a Venus Gate at 13 degrees Virgo.

We reach the Gate of Compassion and we are reminded that the Awakening of the Feminine Heart has the ability to hold and understand Humanity in its shadow and light. 13 being the number of the Divine Feminine, we are called to reflect and to ask ourselves: HOW MUCH CAN I LOVE?

How much can we love ourselves and love others...this is our work for today.

Last Sunday as I was opening sacred space for our AHAVA SACRED DANCE SESSION I felt something shift in the field. There was a lightness and a thinning of the veil. As we go into this Mercury retrograde portal blessed by the Venus Gate, I know that we are being asked to be consumed by the power of love.

Mary Magdalene Channeling for 4th Venus Gate:

There are so many ways to work with energy for healing and to free yourself from the bonds of negativity. As your current circumstances are showing you, you can’t go back to life as you have known. My frequency wants you to DO and BE what you were born for, and it starts by awakening the compassionate heart. You think that you alone are in the ability to create all of the beautiful things that come to you, but it is the co creation of the love you awaken within and this awakened love you share with others. The more you pour out the greatness of your ability to serve by sharing, listening, understanding and helping people, the golden flame sparks in your heart and you bring in the greatness that your soul has come to live through your material incarnation.

Mary Magdalene

Channeled by Ana Otero

This message from Mary Magdalene has touched my heart today. Love yo all of you and blessings on this journey. I have shared a video explaining Mercury Retrograde.

May the Magdalene Flame guide you every day in every way.


Ana Otero

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